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Water crisis squeezing out life

The scorching sun burns deep into the skins of many in Lodwar town. But that is not the only problem the locals here are facing. Here their life has been cut short literally: water is life. For months they have not had access to clean drinking water.

The locals here claim that the ongoing road construction by the contracted Chinese has hindered the flow of water to all Lodwar residents.

Speaking to Turkana Guardian, Jencinta Ewoi from Kenya Medical Training College quarters explained that since the road construction started they have been unable to get clean piped water for drinking.

"We are tired of buying fresh water and yet we have a company that is supposed to supply water? Are we going to concentrate on drought, Covid-19 or water crisis? Why are we suffering this much?" she said.

Other areas affected by the water scarcity for almost five months are Nabute, Kawalase, Hospital Quarter and KMTC quarters.

They are appealing to the County Government to intervene to prompt the Chinese contractor to work with speed to prevent further water problems.

"We want the County Government to engage the Chinese contractor and ask him to complete the road project fast to enable us to access clean water. We are tired," said Ewoi.

Our efforts to speak to the Chinese contractor did not bear fruits.

This comes just months after the National Government handed over the management of Napuu Aquifer to the Turkana County Government.

The National Water Harvesting and Storage Authority handed over the Sh88 million Napuu project which is supposed to benefit 12,000 residents in Lodwar town.

In September 2019, Turkana county contracted the National Water Harvesting and Storage Authority to implement the piped water project at Napuu water aquifer.

Deputy governor Peter Lotethiro appreciated the National Water Harvesting Authority for the well-done work. The project has taken two and a half years to be complete.

"The project has been delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic but we are glad that it has now been completed," he said.

A 3,000-litre steel tank was placed in Narewa village and was meant to supply clean water to Trans Africa, Narewa village, Juluk, Methewan, Lokitela, Ekaales, Kasarani and the areas around Turkana University College.


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