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Turkana culture hinders girls education

Forum for African Women Educationalists- FAWE Kenya has revealed that major challenges that are a barrier to girl child education in Turkana are early marriages and the beading of young girls for marriage.

A study done by FAWE Kenya between April and September reveals that 80 per cent of form one girls are either pregnant or having babies.

Teresa Atieno from FAWE Kenya said they are concerned with girls’ education because educating a girl is the same as educating an entire community.

"We want to ensure that we work together with Turkana County government and Turkana County Assembly to look for better ways of educating our girls," said Teresa.

The illiteracy of parents is also a major factor that contributed to less population of girls in schools. According to the report, some of them do not value education but they value their female children for dowry.

Nominated Member of Turkana County Assembly Zainab Lokaale has lauded FAWE for championing girls’ education.

She has asked men and male teenagers to shun the habit of exploiting girls.

"These teenagers have to be sensitised on how to respect girls, they are tomorrow's community," said Zainab.


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