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Self-regulate on noise pollution, clergy urged

Religious leaders in Turkana County have been urged to adopt self-regulation as a measure to reduce excess noise during night fellowships. This comes amidst many complaints from the general public to the Directorate of Environment and National Environment Management Authority(NEMA).

The Chief Officer for Water Services, Environment and Mineral Resources Moses Natome said that the complaints increased immediately after the night curfew was lifted nationwide.

The religious leader agreed to dialogue with others leaders to regulate noises made at night during fellowships.

Jacob Asembo the Director of NEMA in Turkana added that such meetings will also reach out to club and disco owners especially during this festive season when noise control regulations are at a greater risk of being abused.

"The law applies at all levels including all emitters of noise, not only religious groups. The purpose of this meeting was to have dialogue and agree with the religious groups on the implementation of this regulation", he said

Clement Nadio, Director of Environment in Turkana said that the County had already deployed calibrated noise meters for the purpose of arresting the perpetrators.

The environmental laws contain sets of regulations on each type of pollution. The Environmental Management & Coordination ( Noise & Excessive Vibration Pollution, Control) Regulations 2009 give the regulation concerning noise pollution.

Eight cases have so far been prosecuted.


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