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Man 'kills' son in Lopur, Turkana

A man in Lopur village in Turkana South Sub-county accused of killing his 2-year-old son after attacking his wife is being sought by the police.

According to the DCI, 35-year-old Eyenae Ekwom is reported to have quarrelled with his wife, Eblait Nangiro, over her intentions to take their child who was unwell to hospital.

Ekwom wanted his wife to tend to his goats instead unaware of how sick the child was.

When his wife became defiant and insisted on taking the baby to the local dispensary for treatment, the man descended on them with blows and kicks leaving the baby, who was on Nangiro’s back, unconscious after he hit him with a stick.

His wife also sustained injuries on her face and legs. After the attack, Ekwom went into hiding.

The mother and baby were rushed to Lopur dispensary by concerned villagers where the baby was confirmed dead on arrival.

A manhunt for the suspect has since been launched by our Turkana based detectives.


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