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County Rescues Stranded 13-Year-Old Boy, Initiates Reunion with Family

A heartwarming rescue mission led by the County Executive Committee Member for Education, Sports, and Social Protection, Leah Audan, has successfully brought 13-year-old Elly Esinyen back to Turkana after he was found stranded and lost in Kitui. Efforts are now underway to reunite him with his family.

The County's proactive response, prompted by media reports, demonstrates its commitment to providing support and services to vulnerable children.

"Elly Esinyen can finally breathe a sigh of relief. His predicament is now over as he will be admitted at the Lodwar Children's Rescue Centre as the County works on reuniting him with his family," said CEC Audan.

In accordance with the provisions of the Children's Act of 2022, a swift rescue team was formed by the Department of Social Services to ensure the safety and well-being of Elly. CEC Audan commended the rescue committee for their outstanding efforts and expressed gratitude to the AIC Mulango Children's home in Kitui for providing temporary shelter to Esinyen and raising awareness about the case through the media.

Emphasizing the need for increased vigilance among parents and guardians due to the rising cases of children's disappearance, CEC Audan assured that Elly will receive psychosocial therapy to aid his reintegration into society after the traumatic experience.

Chief Officer for Education, ECD, and Social Protection, Moses Korea, lauded the unwavering dedication of the rescue team and acknowledged their immense contribution to upholding Turkana's reputation as a child protection-sensitive County. Chief Korea pledged full support to the social protection team in their mission to ensure that all disadvantaged groups receive quality services and assistance.

The momentous occasion was witnessed by Mark Amiyo (Director of Social Protection), Hebrew Idoka (Deputy Director), Angoria Dongol (Administrator, Social Protection), as well as social protection and social welfare officers.


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