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Christmas comes early for inmates at Lodwar GK prison

Michael Lokwara an ex-inmate sews clothes for his customers.

Christmas season is always a season to show love to the needy people or less privileged in society.

This is the season that changed Michael Lokwara’s life while in Lodwar GK prison. This is a season whereby organizations and individual people offer a helping hand to the needy.

Lokwara is a 47-year-old father of five. Lokwara hails from Nakwamekwi village in Turkana Central. He was charged and jailed for 28years and served his term at Lodwar GK prison.

While in prison this is where he met Hussein Shaban Aupe the founder of Burnsen B Initiative, a man who changed his life, giving him hope.

Burnsen B initiative was founded in 2016 by Hussein Shaban Aupe alias Burnsen B, a Gospel artist based in Turkana County in collaboration with a group of friends. Its major aim is to motivate and encourage inmates. The initiative encourages the inmates that there is life after imprisonment.

Michael Lokwara is one of the beneficiaries of this initiative which targets to motivate and support the inmates, the aged, nursing mothers and people living with disabilities.

He said that the mentorship program coupled with skills acquired while in prison enabled him to venture into the tailoring business after his release.

“The initiative supported me with a sowing machine which earns me a living to cater for my family at home. I have a shop at Kanamkemer courtesy of Burnsen initiative. This has kept me going. Thank you so much Bunsen for the support and continue touching other lives,” said an elated Lokwara.

The founders of the initiative normally visit inmates during festive seasons each year.

The inmates are usually supported basic items like sanitary towels for young girls and women, shaving machines for men, milk for children, mosquito nets and toiletries.

Hussein Shaban the founder of the initiative says that he is motivated to do so because he was once an inmate.

“I was once inside the prison and I know what a prisoner undergoes while in prison. Life is not easy inside there. Through my experience in prison I do not wish that ex-prisoners go back to crimes but to be models to the future generation,” said Shaban.

Hussein said that he is supported by friends and other well-wishers to celebrate with the inmates each year.


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