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Reintroduce corporal punishment in schools -Turkana KNUT Secretary tells MOE

Turkana KNUT, General secretary Peter Ewaat has called on the Ministry of Education and lawmakers to amend a law that will see discipline, including corporal punishment restored in schools.

Ewaat articulated that the removal of corporal punishment has highly contributed to indiscipline cases in schools.

"Teachers know how to deal with students, let the members of the national assembly amend some laws to allow caning of the students," said Ewaat.

He was speaking at a time when many schools have been allegedly set ablaze by students across the country.

Education Cabinet Secretary (CS) Prof George Magoha has maintained that parents will incur the costs of burnt school property.

Peter Areman, a parent who resides in Turkana, has blamed the Ministry of education for making decisions and policies without the involvement of parents who are critical education stakeholders in Kenya.

Areman has further advised the government to stop excessive breaks in school that has contributed to misbehavior among the learners.

"If the government has to decide something it has to take parents' views too over the same, and the issue of half terms in school has greatly affected us". Lamented Areman.

His lamentation was echoed by Alice Akeno who told Turkana Guardian that the Ministry of Education is imposing a lot of cost on them by introducing short school terms.

"We do not plant money. We are struggling to make ends meet especially this Covid-19 pandemic period. When the Ministry of Education sends students back home abruptly for half term how will we afford the cost of keeping them at home?" she asked?


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