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Prioritize local resource mapping expertise- CS Eripete tells IGAD

County Secretary Peter Eripete has asked the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) to prioritize mapping resources that address common challenges faced by pastoralist communities living along with the Karamoja cluster.

He believes that proper resource mapping and the use of local expertise will help address the root causes of the problems and provide a road map for the Transhumance Corridor Development Plan's implementation.

He challenged professionals from the Ateker communities to be at the forefront of resource mapping because it is the pastoralist communities' lifeline.

"We must all embrace and utilize local expertise. It will guide how we govern our people and resources in the area," stated the County Secretary.

The County Secretary spoke as he officiated the opening ceremony of a two-day validation participatory mapping meeting of the Transhumance Corridor and Associated Features between Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, and Uganda today in Lodwar.

The IGAD-funded transhumance corridor plan outlines the available resources along migratory routes, as well as infrastructure gaps and potential solutions.

Among the participants are representatives from the Turkana, Nyangatom, Dasanach, and Karamojong communities.

The County Government's commitment to working with stakeholders to support pastoralist livelihoods was expressed by CS Eripete, who is also the Head of Public Service, who also updated participants on progress made through the Peace Building structure.

Adan Bika, a representative of the IGAD Centre for Pastoral Areas and Livestock Development (ICPALD), assured the authority's readiness to implement the plan and ensure its primary goal is met.

George Emoru, the County Executive for Agriculture, Pastoral Economy, and Fisheries, has called for the validation process to be expedited so that the government can incorporate it into the County Integrated Development Plan.

Also present were Dr Dominic Lokeris, the IGAD's Cross Border Development facilitator, and Khadija Ali, a representative of the International Organization for Migration.


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