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Nakuru Governor Blasts Tuju over Prengei's replacement, accuses him of bringing down Jubilee

"We have received information that Jubilee Party has replaced the nomination of late Senator Victor Prengei with Isaac Ngugi from Nyandarua. To deprive the marginalized, poor Ogiek the only representation they had, is a cruel and regrettable gesture. While we may not be the decision-makers in Jubilee, it is clear that consultation and stakeholder engagement has been deleted from the party constitution. Jubilee Party has the unique distinction of employing and paying individuals to bring it down, self-cannibalization. We are tired of witnessing the continued reckless action by a few people, who have personalized the management of a party that belongs to its members. In the meantime, we respect your decision but assure you that we shall revisit soon. It is clear that our failures are also largely internal, perpetrated by a small clique that will not face the electorate. We shall forever remember you for your tireless actions to bring down Jubilee. You have succeeded."

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