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Hundreds left homeless as rains sweep away homes in Turkana

Over 100 households in Nakaalei area in Turkana South are counting losses amounting to millions following a heavy downpour that swept away their homes and livestock.

Many families were forced to move to safer areas after the rains left them poorer than the proverbial church mouse.

"The rains have caused great losses to the area residents. Those who migrated to the interior areas in search of water and pasture for their animals are the most affected," said Nakaalei's Assistant Chief Akolong Sylvester.

He advised families living near rivers or at the low lands to move to higher grounds so as not to be swept by the raging floods.

Over 600 livestock, sheep and goats, were also swept away.

The Assistant Chief added that the government was already informed about the situation urging them to be patient as they will be assisted.


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