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Energy will play a critical role in the success of Africa’s free trade area

Olkaria geothermal complex. Photo: Courtesy

As a global leader and advocate for the achievement of SDG7, which calls for access to reliable, affordable, sustainable and modern energy for all by 2030, what three key things do African countries need to do to end energy poverty?

One of the first important things, which countries have started doing, is identifying where the people who need electrification and clean cooking are. This will enable countries to identify the best way to provide these using a range of energy mixes, knowing that cleaner is better.

The second thing is for countries to make sure they have solid policies and laws to help attract investment and to help their own renewable, clean energy market.

And then finally— and this is more of a global issue as well as an African countries’ issue—the financing must be there. So, public financing, private financing, commercial financing, non-commercial concession financing, philanthropy money-- all need to come together for us to end energy poverty.

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