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Curtains fall on Tobong'u Lore

The curtains fell yesterday on the Turkana cultural festivals dubbed Tobong'u Lore.

A delegation from the Dassanech community of Ethiopia has lauded the Turkana County government for coming up with the idea.

They noted that the event has brought peace and co-existence among the Ateker communities.

Lolaar Ekeno, 29, from Ethiopia said that through Tobong’u Lore, they have been able to interact with other Ateker communities, as well as spread the peace message.

The Dassanech had only one message: down the guns and embrace peace.

“Using guns to kill each other has deteriorated peace in our borders. This is the reason we should disarm our people,” said Lolaar.

Imaari Lojiko from Dassanech has told Turkana Guardian that women in Ethiopia have lost their husbands and children as a result of killings by guns possessed by their neighbours.

“We urge leaders from our neighbouring communities to ensure that possession of guns is a thing of the past. Most of us are victims of the pain that comes with illegal possession of guns,” she said.

Lore Kakuta, head of the Ethiopian delegation, urged the other communities of Ateker to embrace Tobong'u Lore celebrations adding that it promotes coexistence.

"For the last one year, we have been living in peace with our neighbours at the border because of the unity that is preached here," said Kakuta.

Abdi Adan, Turkana County peacebuilding officer in Kibish sub-County, stated that the Ilemi triangle is now at peace as a result of frequent peacebuilding fora at the borders.

“I want to confirm to you that we are at peace with Nyangatom and Dassanech communities. We come to this festival because it promotes peace among all neighbouring communities,” said Aden.


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