Village groups receive UWEZO funds for business

Lodepe gives out UWEZO fund cheque to a women group from Kanamkemer.

Lodepe gives out UWEZO fund cheque to a women group from Kanamkemer.


A number of village groups from Kanamkemer, Lodwar, Kalokol, Kang’atosa and Kerio have received Sh. 22 million Uwezo funds to start small businesses in Turkana central constituency. Each group of 12 to 15 members has benefited with Sh. 100,000, which will be shared out among members to start joint business ventures.

Turkana central MP John Lodepe together with Kanamkemer ward MCA James Ikeny witnessed the handing out of uwezo funds cheques to 32 groups from Kanamkemer ward.
Speaking during the handing out event at Mikeka grounds in Lodwar, Turkana central MP Lodepe cautioned

“Small business enterprises are responsible for boosting the economy of the county, we should not all wait to venture into big business opportunities, if you 

 get Sh. 10,000

 use the money to start a small business and the money will grow until it’s enough for you to expand the business to a big one,”

beneficiaries against misusing the money. “These funds we are giving out should be used to generate profits and
improve the lives of the members of a given group, the money should not be used for non-profitable personal needs like buying clothes, equipping a house or even buying food. Each and every beneficiary should remember that the money will be refunded back to Uwezo
funds account, the only advantage is that it is interest free,” said Lodepe.
He warned the village groups against failure to refund the monies, which are operated as revolving funds.
Kanamkemer ward MCA, James Ikeny called for a planned expenditure of the funds the groups had received, warning that without plans, priorities would be misplaced.

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