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Kenya to upgrade Turkana-Moroto road

2015-01-12 10:28:13 Turkanaguardian

Kenya to upgrade Turkana-Moroto road


Kenya to upgrade Turkana-Moroto road

Kenya to upgrade Turkana-Moroto road

The government of Kenya has
finalized plans to upgrade the road
that will connect Loima district in
Kenya to Moroto district in north-
eastern Uganda.
The Turkana County Governor
Mr. Josphat Nanok announced this
recently during celebrations to mark
the 41 years of peaceful existence
between the Karimojong in Uganda
and the Turkana of Kenya after years
of cattle rustling.
Mr. Nanok said the purpose of
Kenya government to upgrade Loima,
Moroto road via Nakiloro is a move
aimed at boosting the trade among
the Karimojong and Turkana as well
as the Toposa in south Sudan.
The governor added that after
upgrading Loima-Moroto road, Motorists stop at River Nakiloro along Moroto-Lokiriama road. PHOTO By KEITH LOYAPAN
the Kenyan government will also
construct a secondary school at
Lokiriama division along the border
of Moroto and Turkana for the chil-
dren of Ateker people.
“It’s time for the neglected pasto-
ralists communities of Turkana and
the Karimojong to shine,” he said
and urged them to send their children
to school.
Lokiriama peace accord is a peace
treaty between the Turkana commu-
nity and the Karimojong signed by
the elders of the two communities in
1973 to co-exist. The peace accord is
celebrated annually and last year it
was organized by UN Development
Programme (UNDP) in-conjunction
with Riamriam, a civil society orga-
Uganda’s State minister of miner-
als Mr. Peter Lokeris who led the
Ugandan delegation to Lokiriama
commended the two neighbouring
communities for maintaining peace.
Mr. Lokeris asked the two govern-
ments to deploy troops along the
Uganda—Kenya border to stop the
isolated attacks by the Pokot and the
Tepeth warriors in Uganda.
He assured the Kenyans that
Uganda government will continue
supporting Kenya to address chal-
lenges faced by the pastoralist com-
Mr. Lokeris called upon other
countries neighbouring Uganda and
Kenya such as South Sudan and
Ethiopia to initiate peace initiatives
so as to avoid bloodshed among the
pastoralist’s communities.
“The current co-existence between
the Turkana and the Karimojong
should not be allowed to be desta-
bilized by other communities who
don’t want peace,” he said.

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County launches eco-lodge on Lake Turkana

2015-01-12 10:24:44 Turkanaguardian

County launches eco-lodge on Lake Turkana.
Turkana county governor Josphat Nanok last month commissioned the construction of a 40-bed eco-lodge to boost tourism sector in the county.



County launches eco-lodge on Lake Turkana

County launches eco-lodge on Lake Turkana

Speaking when he laid the foundation stone of the project in Lokitoe Ang’aber in Turkana North Sub-County, Nanok said the lodge will also create employment to hundreds of youth in the county.
Located near the shores of Lake Turkana, Nanok said the project is part of the county’s measures to boost the tourism sector in the county and also in the entire country.

“In order to open up the county for tourists the county government is putting up two eco lodges one in Turkana North and another in Kainuk in Turkana South,”

said Nanok.
The lodge will also offer accommodation for tourists to complement Eliye springs lodge, which has been offering accommodation to tourists at times being overwhelmed. He added that the lodge will also have a conference facility where meetings can be held.
Tourists visiting the area will also enjoy the rare moment to watch birds from the lodge.
The lodge is located at the area where international and domestic tourists gathered to watch the historic eclipse of the moon last year.
County Tourism and Culture Eliye Springs on the western shores of Lake Turkana.
executive committee member Linus Ebenyo said the project will also have a presidential suit.
“The project was commissioned on November and is expected to be completed by March next year,” said
Ebenyo said the community had The lodge will also offer accommodation for tourists to complement Eliye springs lodge, which has been offering accommodation to tourists at times being overwhelmed.
He added that the lodge will also have a conference facility where meetings can be held. donated the 50 acres of land where the lodge is being constructed. He added that the county government will be seeking to work with the private sector to improve services at the eco-lodge.
The county has embarked on an aggressive marketing campaign that seeks to market the county as the cradle of mankind. The campaign seems to have borne fruit with the recent endorsement of the UK High Commissioner Dr Christian Turner
who said the UK government will work with the county to promote
tourism sector.
At the same time, Nanok said the county is investing heavily in the infrastructural development to ease movement of goods and services as well as tourists to the various destinations.
He said oil exploration company Tullow Oil, has already injected 140 million Kenyan shillings to the construction of roads in the area.
Nanok said he recently held talks with Infrastructure cabinet secretary Michael Kamau to help develop the roads that fall under the national government docket.
Tourist wishing to visit the lodge can access it through an airstrip at Kalokol about 30 Kilometers from the lodge. Commercial flights from Nairobi and Eldoret also land at Lodwar airstrip where tourist can hire vehicles to the Lodge.

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Decline of Gold at Lochor-Emoit village

2014-10-05 06:21:56 Turkanaguardian



When gold was discovered in the area in 1991, it led to a population explosion as more people moved in to settle and acquire land. Meanwhile, the local communities got paid peanuts

Lochor-emoit, known also as Logolit, is a small village in Turkana County, but a famous one. That’s because in 1991, gold was discovered in the area, leading to a little population explosion as more people moved in to settle and acquire land. The dream by local to gain wealth from the discovery is, however, yet to be realised, more than two decades later. Foreigner’s, especially Tanzanians, invaded the village with advanced methods and machines for mining and became the main miners. Mr Joseph Epungure says that in 1993, Tanzanian miners extracted a lot of gold and carried it back home without taxation. Meanwhile, the local communities, who ended up being employees of the foreign miners, got peanuts as payment and have never risen out of poverty. For instance, Mr Joseph Losikiria, one of the gold miners, says that from 1991 to date, he has been mining but has nothing to show for it. Moreover, the gold reserves appear to have been depleted. “We got a lot of money, but today, we are like beggars because all the money is gone. We have turned to charcoal burning, and the trees will be over soon if not replaced,” says Losikiria. Losikiria and his peers are now appealing to the county government to help them get an alternative source of income to help them fight the growing poverty in the village. Children look for gold after attending school. The rule at Lochor-emoit is that children must attend school first and only go to mining places after school or weekends.

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