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Nadome massacre angers Turkana Governor

2015-05-20 19:20:27 steven-ariong

The Turkana County Governor Josphat Nanok says he is tired of the helplessness that his people have sunk to in regards to insecurity. He says that the recent slaughter of 60 men, women and children in the Nadome left him paralysed.

The governor is appalled by the unacceptable laxity with which the national government is handling insecurity and conflict issues in Turkana, West Pokot and Baringo counties.

“I am still in shock and utter disbelief of the massacre that has left more than 60 people dead in Nadome in Turkana. I want to condemn in the strongest terms possible the massacre and at the same time send my condolences to the bereaved families,” said the governor.

Mr. Nanok added: “I am one Governor who has been shouting the loudest on the issue of insecurity but my plea has always fallen on deaf ears. It’s quite unfortunate that the government has had to wait until a massacre of this magnitude happened, to act.”

According to the Governor since the massacre happened, he has never said a single word to Kenyans adding that he was still wondering how my words can help.

“I have uttered many words on the killing of my people all in vain. I am ignored by the national government, which is in charge of security. I still believe that if this government listened to my pleas and the community’s cry, lives even those of children and women would not have been lost,” says Nanok.

The governor pointed out that he has previously and continuously through key players like the church tried to reach out to the neighbours both in West Pokot and Baringo, but his efforts have been futile. His neighbours, he says are not ready for peace.

The attacks on Turkana have since intensified and now they have culminated into a massacre. He appeals to all leaders from various pastoralist communities to offer constructive leadership to their people: “I urge them to speak to their communities to embrace peace because this is the only way the pastoral communities can benefit fully from devolution,” he said.

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Turkana County Assembly passes Precedence Act

2015-05-20 15:47:04 shirley-apiaro

Lodwar, Turkana central

Turkana County Assembly has passed a law that will allow the Governor and other senior county officials to use flags and sirens on their motorcades and processions.

Others who will enjoy the privileges include the deputy governor, the Speaker of the County Assembly, the County Attorney and the County Executive Committee Members.

The Turkana County Order of Precedence Act states that any other person apart from those allowed by the statutes; who uses the county flag on a motor vehicle commits an offense and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not less than Shs. 100,000 and not more than Sh. 250,000, to imprisonment for a term not less than three months or both fine and imprisonment.

“Notwithstanding the provisions of any other law to the contrary, the following state officers shall be entitled to use the County Flag and Sirens on the motorcades and processions- The Governor, the deputy governor, the Speaker of the County Assembly, the County Attorney and the County Executive Committee Member,” the Act states.

The Act which also establishes an order of precedence for the holders of county state and public offices ranks The Bishops of Churches higher than the County Executive Committee Members, County Secretary and the county police service commanders.

The order of precedence according to the Act shall be used to, “determine and rank state officers, county officers and public officers; develop seating charts, programmes and the order in which national and county government officials deliver address at national and county functions.”

“The Governor, Deputy Governor, Senator, Speaker of the County Assembly, The Woman MP, MPs, MCAs, The County Commissioner, The Bishop of Churches, County Attorney, Chairpersons of County Boards, County Police Service Commanders, County Secretary, County Executive Committee Members, The Clerk County Assembly, Members of County Boards and Committees, County Chief Officers, Directors of County Departments, Distinguished Council of Elders members,” is the hierarchy according to the Act.

The Act also stipulates on the use of titles used to refer to the state officers. The governor and his deputy shall be referred to as “his/her Excellency the Governor” and “His/Her Excellency the Deputy Governor,” respectively.

The senator, the speaker of the county assembly, woman member of Parliament, members of parliament, members of the county assembly shall be referred to as, “Honourable Senator,” “The Right Honourable Speaker,” Honourable Woman MP,” “Honourable,” “Honourable,” respectively.

The spouses of the governor and the deputy governor will be referred to as, “My County lady” and “My lady” respectively.

According to The County Order of Precedence Act, 2014 a person who uses a title in contravention to the law shall be liable on conviction to a fine more than Shs. 100,000 or imprisonment for a term not less than three months or both.

A state or public officer who violates the Act are liable to a fine of not less than Shs. 500,000 and not more than Shs. 250,000, imprisonment for a term not less than six months or both such fine and imprisonment.

Any other person other than a state or public officer who contravenes this law shall be liable for conviction to a fine not less than Shs. 100,000 and not more than Shs. 200,000, or imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months or both such fine and imprisonment.

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TSC and the Plight of Turkana Teachers

2015-04-30 18:19:55 robert-kariuki

TSC C.E.O Gabriel Longeiboni during his visit to Turkana countyLODWAR, TURKANA CENTRAL
Turkana County, which is known for its perennial drought and famine circles, constantly suffers another form of starvation; teacher shortage.

It is this shortage of teachers caused by insecurity and a high attrition rate within the profession that the head of the Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC) has promised to address. Gabriel Longeiboni has pledged to look into the biting teacher shortage in Turkana County.

The county is experiencing a shortage of more than 2,500 teachers, with a low teacher-student ratio. This is blamed on the high rate of attrition as qualified teachers abandon the profession to join NGOs and politics.

Longeiboni and the TSC commissioner Saadia Kontoma recently met with teachers from the county at St. Kevin Secondary School to reassure them of their support. The meeting was also attended by the deputy governor, area MPs, and county government representatives.

“When we talk about shortage of teachers, it is not only in Turkana county or the pastoralist communities, it is the whole country. We have a shortage of about 90,000 teachers. During the recruitment process, our budget is constrained but we try as much as possible through parliamentary education committee to address the issue,” says Longeiboni.

Longeiboni says the biggest challenge the commission faces is the transfer of teachers. The TSC recruitment policy restricts transferring teachers who have not served for 5 years or more in the region where they were posted.
Kontoma asked teachers to be fair and objective whenever they land better paying jobs elsewhere. They should consider what impact their departure has. Says Kontoma: “When exiting teaching profession we should ask ourselves whom have we nurtured who will remain to take care of the next generation?”

The Turkana county education director Dr. Anyang says that the issue of teacher understaffing is deep rooted in the negative attitude by young people towards the teaching profession.

“We want to encourage people to join this field and one way is by promoting our teachers to higher levels, by doing this we will be motivating them. The promotions should not only take place at the county level but also in the mainstream ladder,” he concluded.

KNUT secretary Turkana county Tony Nasia says understaffing is affecting almost all public schools in the county. Also, the few teachers are demoralized because of the heavy workload.
Turkana county deputy governor Peter Lokoel says that, “Insecurity is our major concern, school have been closed in Turkana south and Turkana East sub-counties, and teachers are getting worried every day.

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NGO donates to vulnerable pupils

2015-04-30 17:01:16 robert-kariuki

NGO donates to vulnerable pupils
At least 36 needy pupils of Canaan Primary School have received school bags and uniforms from good Samaritans under the Nakwalele Development Organization (NADO).

The pupils were identified by the community-based organization led by Sam Kimeli, the programme manager. He was accompanied by other officials who included Josephine Walela, a representative from the district education office.

The team visited the school, which has a population of 700 pupils, mainly from needy rural families, orphans, including former street children. Many of the pupils lack basic items such as uniforms and writing materials.

During the handover of the items, the deputy head teacher, Geke thanked the team and said the school’s status would improve as more pupils donned the full school uniform.
“Pupils who had full school attires were countable. The uniforms donated by the NADO team will greatly help to improve the status of the school. Sometimes when visitors come, they are confused whether this is a certified learning institution. I believe that will change after this intervention,” he said.
According to Geke, the school has a shortage of both teachers and classroom space.

Walela a representative from the district education office said the uniforms would make it easy for pupils to be identified by visitors and teachers when pupils are outside the school premises.

Kimeli said the project they are implementing aims to build the capacity of vulnerable children so that they can focus on their studies and build their future.

“We want these pupils to be like those in other schools so that they don’t feel underprivileged in any way and they can fully focus on education. We targeted the most vulnerable pupils in the school especially those who were raised in the streets and those who lost their parents and are now under care of guardians,” he said.

He said that the project funded by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and other UN bodies has benefited 400 students and pupils from schools in Turkana central sub-county.

Other schools that have benefited from the project include Salvation Army Nawoitorong Secondary School, Kawalase Primary, Lodwar Girls’ Primary, Loyo Primary, Kakwanyang, Loturere and Napeililim Primary Schools.

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Turkana Leaders Should Embrace Peace

2015-04-29 18:27:54 robert-kariuki

Leaders in Turkana County need to work as a team in order to extricate their people from the vice of poverty and neglect.

For years the leaders have indulged in perennial quarrels sometimes over mundane and petty issues. Recently, the Turkana Governor Josphat Nanok has been involved in a war of words with other leaders over allegations of corruption and impropriety.

Nanok recently made what his supporters described as a triumphant entry into Lodwar town before addressing a public rally to deny claims of involvement in corruption. He is among 12 names of Governors appearing in a corruption list of shame released to Parliament by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The Governor and the Turkana County Executive member in-charge of Finance and Economic Planning Paul Nabuin are alleged to have paid ksh 14 million to a contractor for the construction of a non-existent bridge.

Nanok therefore arrived in Lodwar recently ready to do battle with all his perceived enemies. His motorcade was received by a huge crowd at the Lodwar airstrip, which escorted him to his offices from where he proceeded to spew vitriol at his detractors. However, as the leaders quarrel, the Turkana development agenda stands still.

Governor Nanok landed at the Lodwar airstrip in the company of his deputy, executive members and a number of County Assembly Members (MCAs): “On my arrival I headed straight to the office. They tried to lock me out but I forced myself into the office because this is a public office and the door is open to everyone. I together with my executive members will focus on development, we have done what we can for the last 2 years and now we will concentrate on the coming years so that we can achieve our ultimate goals,” Nanok told his cheering supporters.

He dismissed claims that the county government returned part of the development funds in the 2013/2014 budget to the national government.

He also defended the county tendering procedures stating that all tenders are advertised in the print media and circulated nationally.

He questioned the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) report that listed him among the 174 officials linked to graft allegations. The commission, he said, should thoroughly investigate any report it receives before publicizing it.

“Some reports are false accusations made against targeted individuals. In my case I blame our MPs, the Senator together with the Speaker of the Senate for spreading propaganda and feeding the public with wrong information which is defamatory,” said Nanok.

Senate Speaker Ekwee Ethuro was quick to deny claims of involvement in any plan to “politically assassinate the Turkana Governor”.

“We have not sat somewhere as the political leadership of Turkana County to discuss him and corruption. The best thing for him to do is to go to the EACC and clear his name. The governor should not localize a national issue and neither should he drag my name into it,” the speaker said.

Turkana south MP James Lomenen was equally dismissive, also distancing himself from the saga: “It is neither me, nor the senator who named him. It was the President through the EACC report submitted to him. Appearing on the list doesn’t mean he is guilty. Investigations will be carried out to prove his guilt or innocence.”

Meanwhile, Governor Nanok has moved to the High Court to challenge the report while seeking a public apology from the anti-corruption body.

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