Nadome massacre angers Turkana Governor

2015-05-20 19:20:27 steven-ariong

The Turkana County Governor Josphat Nanok says he is tired of the helplessness that his people have sunk to in regards to insecurity. He says that the recent slaughter of 60 men, women and children in the Nadome left him paralysed.

The governor is appalled by the unacceptable laxity with which the national government is handling insecurity and conflict issues in Turkana, West Pokot and Baringo counties.

“I am still in shock and utter disbelief of the massacre that has left more than 60 people dead in Nadome in Turkana. I want to condemn in the strongest terms possible the massacre and at the same time send my condolences to the bereaved families,” said the governor.

Mr. Nanok added: “I am one Governor who has been shouting the loudest on the issue of insecurity but my plea has always fallen on deaf ears. It’s quite unfortunate that the government has had to wait until a massacre of this magnitude happened, to act.”

According to the Governor since the massacre happened, he has never said a single word to Kenyans adding that he was still wondering how my words can help.

“I have uttered many words on the killing of my people all in vain. I am ignored by the national government, which is in charge of security. I still believe that if this government listened to my pleas and the community’s cry, lives even those of children and women would not have been lost,” says Nanok.

The governor pointed out that he has previously and continuously through key players like the church tried to reach out to the neighbours both in West Pokot and Baringo, but his efforts have been futile. His neighbours, he says are not ready for peace.

The attacks on Turkana have since intensified and now they have culminated into a massacre. He appeals to all leaders from various pastoralist communities to offer constructive leadership to their people: “I urge them to speak to their communities to embrace peace because this is the only way the pastoral communities can benefit fully from devolution,” he said.

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Japanese Grant to Save Girls

2015-05-20 15:55:31 Turkanaguardian

Japanese Grant to Save GirlsBy Melisa Maimuna
An 8 million shillings grant by the Japanese Government has placed a smile on the faces of girls studying at St. Bakita Nagis Primary School.
Many of these girls have endured long, dangerous walks to the school along routes infested with wild animals and male attackers.
The Japanese Ambassador to Kenya Tatsushi Terada told a groundbreaking ceremony that the project was selected out of more than 440 applications, received in 2014. The competitive grant named Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Project (GGP) is expected to create conducive learning environment for the pupils in order to enable them improve academic performance.
“I understand pupils walk for long distance to school and are under risk of being attacked by wild animals and female pupils sometimes face threats of being harassed by ill- intentioned men. The meaning of our assistance is more than just improving their learning environment; it assists to prevent them from danger,” he said.

The project received a grant amounting to USD 88,361 (approximately ksh 8m) for construction of two classrooms, two dormitories, two toilet blocks for pupils and one block for teachers with the aim of improving the schools educational environment from Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Project (GGP), this was the first project in Turkana since 2008.

Governor Josphat Nanok thanked the Government of Japan for a rare gift:

The best and most lasting gift for a Turkana child remains education because any hand out will soon get over and they will be back knocking your door for assistance. On behalf of Turkana people I really appreciate the government of Japan for their helping hand.

said Nanok
The ambassador urged teachers to put more effort in protecting the pupils and give them full support to help develop their own abilities and talents to ensure bright future.

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Turkana South MP condemns killings at Nadome

2015-05-20 15:54:10 shirley-apiaro


Turkana South MP James Lomenen has condemned the attack at Nadome, Turkana East that claimed over 60 lives.

Lomenen stated that he was saddened by the continued killings of the people along the volatile Turkana-Pokot border.

He noted that it was unfair that people are killed yet the security personnel do nothing to save them.

“It is unfortunate that we keep losing our people each passing day. There has been a lot of raids and banditry along the borders but our security personnel are never ready to act. Some have even confessed that they are scared of dying and that is why some do not come out when there is a raid,” said Lomenen.

Lomenen said that he was aware that there was a raid at Nakukulas and that the clash at Nadome was a retaliatory attack. “It is true that there was a raid at Nakukulas, Turkana East. The people at Nakukulas were not happy because they had lost many animals to the raiders. They followed them to Nadome where the clash happened,” said the legislature.

He added that he was not sure of the number of people killed because he had not received any confirmation from an authoritative body.

“Currently, we do not know who was killed, whether Turkanas, Pokots or Samburus. We are not even sure about their numbers as no government agency or authoritative body has confirmed for us,” said the MP.

He noted that the reason for the delay to reach the site could be because of insecurity, the impassable terrains, wild animals and poor mobile network signal because of the Suguta Valley.

He has urged the government to ensure that the people at that region get the help they require.

“These people need help as we speak. The government should move in as fast as possible to help those who were hurt in the process,” said the MP.

The legislator also called on leaders from the region to embrace dialogue to resolve conflict and bring peace to the warring communities.

“All leaders from Turkana, Pokot and Samburu should come together and dialogue on how to bring peace to the communities. I have hurt and still hurt a lot when I loose people to raiders and bandits. I am sure the leaders in Pokot, Turkana and Samburu feel the same when they loose their people. We should sit down and ensure we bring peace to our people like what the Turkana’s did with the Matheniko of Uganda. They are now living peacefully,” said Lomenen.

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GSU officer injured in an attempted raid at Nakwamoru

2015-05-20 15:51:28 shirley-apiaro


A General Service Unit officer was injured following an attempted raid at Nakwamoru, Turkana South sub-County.

Turkana County Police Commander Karisa Mwaringa said that armed raiders shot the officer in the palm.

He stated that the officer was shot while protecting the locals.
“The officer was shot in the right hand palm as he protected the people who had been attacked by about 30 suspected raiders,” said the Commander.

He added that there was an exchange of fire between the police and the raiders, which led to the injury.

Karisa said that the officer was treated at Kainuk dispensary.

“The officer was taken to Kainuk dispensary but was later referred to Kapenguria where he is receiving treatment. He is in good shape,” said the police commander.
Turkana South MP James Lomenen condemned the incident terming it as unfortunate and painful.

“It is sad that we keep losing people to raiders. All leaders from the warring communities should sit down and find a lasting solution to the insecurity menace,” said Lomenen.

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Turkana County Assembly passes Precedence Act

2015-05-20 15:47:04 shirley-apiaro

Lodwar, Turkana central

Turkana County Assembly has passed a law that will allow the Governor and other senior county officials to use flags and sirens on their motorcades and processions.

Others who will enjoy the privileges include the deputy governor, the Speaker of the County Assembly, the County Attorney and the County Executive Committee Members.

The Turkana County Order of Precedence Act states that any other person apart from those allowed by the statutes; who uses the county flag on a motor vehicle commits an offense and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not less than Shs. 100,000 and not more than Sh. 250,000, to imprisonment for a term not less than three months or both fine and imprisonment.

“Notwithstanding the provisions of any other law to the contrary, the following state officers shall be entitled to use the County Flag and Sirens on the motorcades and processions- The Governor, the deputy governor, the Speaker of the County Assembly, the County Attorney and the County Executive Committee Member,” the Act states.

The Act which also establishes an order of precedence for the holders of county state and public offices ranks The Bishops of Churches higher than the County Executive Committee Members, County Secretary and the county police service commanders.

The order of precedence according to the Act shall be used to, “determine and rank state officers, county officers and public officers; develop seating charts, programmes and the order in which national and county government officials deliver address at national and county functions.”

“The Governor, Deputy Governor, Senator, Speaker of the County Assembly, The Woman MP, MPs, MCAs, The County Commissioner, The Bishop of Churches, County Attorney, Chairpersons of County Boards, County Police Service Commanders, County Secretary, County Executive Committee Members, The Clerk County Assembly, Members of County Boards and Committees, County Chief Officers, Directors of County Departments, Distinguished Council of Elders members,” is the hierarchy according to the Act.

The Act also stipulates on the use of titles used to refer to the state officers. The governor and his deputy shall be referred to as “his/her Excellency the Governor” and “His/Her Excellency the Deputy Governor,” respectively.

The senator, the speaker of the county assembly, woman member of Parliament, members of parliament, members of the county assembly shall be referred to as, “Honourable Senator,” “The Right Honourable Speaker,” Honourable Woman MP,” “Honourable,” “Honourable,” respectively.

The spouses of the governor and the deputy governor will be referred to as, “My County lady” and “My lady” respectively.

According to The County Order of Precedence Act, 2014 a person who uses a title in contravention to the law shall be liable on conviction to a fine more than Shs. 100,000 or imprisonment for a term not less than three months or both.

A state or public officer who violates the Act are liable to a fine of not less than Shs. 500,000 and not more than Shs. 250,000, imprisonment for a term not less than six months or both such fine and imprisonment.

Any other person other than a state or public officer who contravenes this law shall be liable for conviction to a fine not less than Shs. 100,000 and not more than Shs. 200,000, or imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months or both such fine and imprisonment.

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