Turkana South MP condemns killings at Nadome

2015-05-20 15:54:10 shirley-apiaro


Turkana South MP James Lomenen has condemned the attack at Nadome, Turkana East that claimed over 60 lives.

Lomenen stated that he was saddened by the continued killings of the people along the volatile Turkana-Pokot border.

He noted that it was unfair that people are killed yet the security personnel do nothing to save them.

“It is unfortunate that we keep losing our people each passing day. There has been a lot of raids and banditry along the borders but our security personnel are never ready to act. Some have even confessed that they are scared of dying and that is why some do not come out when there is a raid,” said Lomenen.

Lomenen said that he was aware that there was a raid at Nakukulas and that the clash at Nadome was a retaliatory attack. “It is true that there was a raid at Nakukulas, Turkana East. The people at Nakukulas were not happy because they had lost many animals to the raiders. They followed them to Nadome where the clash happened,” said the legislature.

He added that he was not sure of the number of people killed because he had not received any confirmation from an authoritative body.

“Currently, we do not know who was killed, whether Turkanas, Pokots or Samburus. We are not even sure about their numbers as no government agency or authoritative body has confirmed for us,” said the MP.

He noted that the reason for the delay to reach the site could be because of insecurity, the impassable terrains, wild animals and poor mobile network signal because of the Suguta Valley.

He has urged the government to ensure that the people at that region get the help they require.

“These people need help as we speak. The government should move in as fast as possible to help those who were hurt in the process,” said the MP.

The legislator also called on leaders from the region to embrace dialogue to resolve conflict and bring peace to the warring communities.

“All leaders from Turkana, Pokot and Samburu should come together and dialogue on how to bring peace to the communities. I have hurt and still hurt a lot when I loose people to raiders and bandits. I am sure the leaders in Pokot, Turkana and Samburu feel the same when they loose their people. We should sit down and ensure we bring peace to our people like what the Turkana’s did with the Matheniko of Uganda. They are now living peacefully,” said Lomenen.

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GSU officer injured in an attempted raid at Nakwamoru

2015-05-20 15:51:28 shirley-apiaro


A General Service Unit officer was injured following an attempted raid at Nakwamoru, Turkana South sub-County.

Turkana County Police Commander Karisa Mwaringa said that armed raiders shot the officer in the palm.

He stated that the officer was shot while protecting the locals.
“The officer was shot in the right hand palm as he protected the people who had been attacked by about 30 suspected raiders,” said the Commander.

He added that there was an exchange of fire between the police and the raiders, which led to the injury.

Karisa said that the officer was treated at Kainuk dispensary.

“The officer was taken to Kainuk dispensary but was later referred to Kapenguria where he is receiving treatment. He is in good shape,” said the police commander.
Turkana South MP James Lomenen condemned the incident terming it as unfortunate and painful.

“It is sad that we keep losing people to raiders. All leaders from the warring communities should sit down and find a lasting solution to the insecurity menace,” said Lomenen.

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Three killed in Lorogon, Turkana South sub-County

2015-05-20 15:45:10 shirley-apiaro

Three people were killed in an attack at Lorogon, Turkana South sub-County.

While speaking to press, Turkana County Governor, Josphat Nanok condoled with the families that lost their loved ones in the ambush. He added that he was saddened by the killings.

He however blamed the security team for the deaths of the three children: “It is disappointing that the security situation is deteriorating. We have lost three children who had a bright future. I blame the security team for not arriving early to help the three who bled to death,” said the Governor.

The Governor said that the security department should in future act swiftly to curb such deaths.

Turkana South sub-County Commissioner, Elijah Kodoh, confirmed that the people were shot as they went to the river to fetch water.

“The people left very early in the morning to fetch water from the river. As they headed there, they were ambushed and shot at by bandits,” said Mr. Kodoh.

He noted that he had talked to the Anti-Stock Theft Unit in Kainuk to help their colleagues in Lorogon.

However, according to a local resident, James Kisike, some people could not be accounted for: “We found two bodies. Two of those who were injured were found. We have not been able to get other bodies,” said Kisike.

The injured were treated at the Kainuk Dispensary.

Turkana South MP, James Lomenen condemned the attack and appealed to the national government to provide security along the volatile Pokot-Turkana border.

“We are tired of losing people to bullets each passing day. The pain we feel is unbearable. The national government should sort out this problem once and for all,” said Mr. Lomenen.

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Women and Children Protest Killings

2015-04-28 18:50:19 robert-kariuki

Protesting women passing their message through the placards they carriedKAINUK, TURKANA SOUTH
They sang, danced and chanted not in joy but in sorrow over the killings that had left them impoverished and stunted by fear.

Hundreds of widows and orphans, braved the blazing Kainuk sun with twigs and leaves demonstrating against a spate of violence they had endured for far too long. They now seek protection and justice that had been promised them since the days of Biblical Moses.

As they waved their placards with tearful messages to their leaders, they emphasized the fact that the Kenyan Constitution guarantees them the right to live, security, and freedom of assembly. Kainuk, which borders Turkana and Pokot counties, has become the playground for bandits and highway robbers who leave in their wake broken dreams, shattered hopes and maimed souls. They kill, rape, maim and plunder with impunity knowing that their victims are a forgotten people. Traders and commercial entities have fled the area.

“We are tired. We want the President to address our grievances. All the women protesting here are widows. Their husbands were murdered and their property stolen. We want to understand why there is such violation of human rights yet no action is taken,” said Teresa Kiong’a one of the protestors.Margaret Lemu explaining the pain and suffering women go through after they lose their husbands

She is aware that even the Biblical God promises to protect widows in the book of Deuteronomy 27 verse 19 when he declares: “Cursed be anyone who perverts the justice due to the sojourner, the fatherless, and the widow,” and in Psalm 146, when the Psalmist states thus; “The Lord watches over the sojourners; he upholds the widow and the fatherless, but the way of the wicked he brings to ruin.”

The protestors who marched along the Kitale-Lodwar highway, prayed in their petition to both God and the Government that the wicked attackers be ruined and destroyed. They barricaded the highway for the hours they dominated the 5-kilometre stretch with dirges and the dance of death.
Their placards displayed strong messages accusing the Government of neglect and ignoring the rights of women and children.

Margaret Lemu said those charged with the duty of securing the lives and properties of the people of Kainuk were sleeping on their job.

Margaret Erat, the chairperson of the Turkana South sub-county Maendeleo Ya Wanawake group led the demonstrations. She said that with insecurity, women were unable to farm, increasing the dangers of hunger, famine and starvation. She said that the once thriving Koputiro Irrigation Scheme, was now a grazing field.

“Women have to take care of their children yet they cannot perform any duty because every activity has been paralyzed. They can neither farm nor fetch water nor even graze animals,” Erat said.

She noted that increasing attacks on vehicles in the area is making it hard for traders to transport merchandise.

“Lami nyeusi, Kainuk and Kakong are spots prone to highway attacks. Businesspeople are terrified with some opting to transport goods to Uganda or Tanzania where the borders are safe and secure,” Erat said as she took a brief rest from the chanting.

It is her hope and prayer that very soon the widows and orphans of Kainuk will be singing, chanting and dancing joyfully to celebrate life, prosperity and security.

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Lodwar county referral hospital acquires laundry machines to boost hygiene

2015-03-27 13:30:54 Turkanaguardian
health executive jane ajele closes the dryer machine as lodwar med sup dr. Gilchrist Lokoel looks on PHOTO: ROBERT KARIUKI
health executive jane ajele closes the dryer machine as lodwar med sup dr. Gilchrist Lokoel looks on PHOTO: ROBERT KARIUKI


Hygiene at the Lodwar county referral hospital is set to improve after the launch of three laundry machines, including a washing machine, a dryer and an ironer. The machines which were launched by county health and sanitation executive Jane Ajele earlier this month will be used to clean clothes, beddings and official garments used by patients and the hospital staff.

The machines were procured at a cost of Ksh. 15 million from Total Solution Health firm and will be operated by locally trained personnel. Some years ago, the national government gave the hospital with only a washing machine. But after years of service to the 200-bed hospital, there was need for quick replacement.
It is anticipated the purchase of the three machines will reduce the time used to clean, dry and iron a large quantity of clothes and will also use less labour.
It will require about three trained personnel to operate the machines which will clean, dry and iron more than 200 clothes in just 6 hours.
The Health executive Jane Ajele said that this was the first time the hospital received a complete set of laundry machines, “This is the first time we are having a washing machine, a dryer and an ironer together, we can now be sure that patients using sheets and linens are safe because everything is now up to standards,” she said.

“We have also confirmed that the ironer irons at 80 degrees Celsius meaning that all micro-organisms are destroyed and we have also seen that the washing machine uses Jik as a laundry detergent so the quality is not compromised, all fungal, bacterial or viral micro-organisms will be completely destroyed,” the executive added.

Although the machines will benefit the patients and staff, the hospital will have to grapple with power bills. “Though the electricity bills will go up we know that our customers (patients) will be satisfied and whatever they will be paying will act as a supplement to what we have.
Those with NHIF cards will be paying higher because they are taken care of Part of a classroom structure used earlier beforethe construction of new classrooms by the insurance funds, we don’t want to bring other revenue generating activities because that will create a different picture,” said Ms. Ajele.
Lodwar county referral hospital medical superintendent Dr. Gilchrist Lokoel said, “It is in the interest of patients that the ministry decided to get these big and powerful machines to ensure that the An ambulance.

aspect of service delivery to the patients has been improved,” he said.
Dr. Lokoel also explained that funds for paying electricity bills will be generated from the hospital. “The reason why we have facility improvement funds is so that we can take care of such issues, so the money we receive from the cost-sharing plus our budget allocation is able to cater for everything so that the patient can be healthy in the long run,” he added.
The acquisition of the machines is part of an on-going project to upgrade the facility to a teaching and referral hospital in the next few years.

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