Turkana South MP condemns killings at Nadome


Turkana South MP James Lomenen has condemned the attack at Nadome, Turkana East that claimed over 60 lives.

Lomenen stated that he was saddened by the continued killings of the people along the volatile Turkana-Pokot border.

He noted that it was unfair that people are killed yet the security personnel do nothing to save them.

“It is unfortunate that we keep losing our people each passing day. There has been a lot of raids and banditry along the borders but our security personnel are never ready to act. Some have even confessed that they are scared of dying and that is why some do not come out when there is a raid,” said Lomenen.

Lomenen said that he was aware that there was a raid at Nakukulas and that the clash at Nadome was a retaliatory attack. “It is true that there was a raid at Nakukulas, Turkana East. The people at Nakukulas were not happy because they had lost many animals to the raiders. They followed them to Nadome where the clash happened,” said the legislature.

He added that he was not sure of the number of people killed because he had not received any confirmation from an authoritative body.

“Currently, we do not know who was killed, whether Turkanas, Pokots or Samburus. We are not even sure about their numbers as no government agency or authoritative body has confirmed for us,” said the MP.

He noted that the reason for the delay to reach the site could be because of insecurity, the impassable terrains, wild animals and poor mobile network signal because of the Suguta Valley.

He has urged the government to ensure that the people at that region get the help they require.

“These people need help as we speak. The government should move in as fast as possible to help those who were hurt in the process,” said the MP.

The legislator also called on leaders from the region to embrace dialogue to resolve conflict and bring peace to the warring communities.

“All leaders from Turkana, Pokot and Samburu should come together and dialogue on how to bring peace to the communities. I have hurt and still hurt a lot when I loose people to raiders and bandits. I am sure the leaders in Pokot, Turkana and Samburu feel the same when they loose their people. We should sit down and ensure we bring peace to our people like what the Turkana’s did with the Matheniko of Uganda. They are now living peacefully,” said Lomenen.

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