Turkana politicians use music, sports events to woo youth

Uganda’s Jose Chameleone (right), rocks music fans in New Year party at Sandfields Hotel, Lodwar town. PHOTO: KEITH LOYAPAN

Uganda’s Jose Chameleone (right), rocks music fans in New Year party at Sandfields Hotel,

It is said that youth hold the key to the future of their country. This is what inspires politicians to do everything to earn youth support. Youth are energetic and eager for new things. That is why they keep urging for young blood because a young leader will more likely empathize with them. These sentiments have in turn made politicians have campaign strategies extending to as far as dyeing grey hair to appear youthful.

What kills this off is when politicians sponsor entertainment events for this is what the youths really love.
Ranging from talent shows, dance parties, rap battles to mention but a few.
It is in such platforms that politicians both aspiring and incumbents gain marks and popularize their agendas.
They do so with the help of youthful event organizers who understand the taste of youth. Turkana County has not been left out either. The festive season last year was marked by entertainment events and rival politicians competed to organize youth events. The biggest was Chomoka night, graced by Chameleone an artist from Uganda. It was organized by James Lomenen alias
‘Chomoka’ a Member of Parliament for Turkana South with some few politicians of his alliance including Senate Speaker Ekwee Ethuro, Senator John Munyes and Joyce Emanikor woman MP. Another event was the Turkana gala at the Lodwar Lodge resort where a section of youthful politicians graced the event and tried to be recognized as they gave brief encouraging remarks with political undertones in favor of the current Turkana government.

It was a plus for both the youth and politicians. It was soon followed by a colorful event at Kanams Resort dubbed ‘Sikika night’ where the young aspiring politicians electrified youths with music. As though that was not enough, the Principal Secretary for Sports and culture Richard Ekai came up with an event to recognize Turkana youth talents at the Lodwar Lodge Resort and Napak camp Eliye springs. As much as it was fun for the young generation, it was and continues to be a plus for politicians since they become known among the youths and win support. An example is Senator Mike Sonko who has taken over Nairobi by storm due to his relationship with youth. It is for this reason that Turkana politicians need to put aside their age and mingle with the youth. Youth are known to possess musical talents and
can compose political songs in favor of their preferred leader. It is such songs that turn into big hits in radio stations that cut across all corners of the county making it easier to popularize a politician.
It is therefore for such reasons that politics is taking a different turn leaning towards youth. With the right kind of youth, an aspiring politician will be certain of making it big politically. But what we experienced during the festive season continues to linger in the minds of the youth in Turkana who say they will support whoever supports them.
They seem to be enjoying the entertainment favours. As long as they are entertained, they have no problem with whoever sponsors an event.

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