Tullow invests hugely on education in Turkana

Tullow invests hugely on education in Turkana

The education sector in Turkana received a huge boost in 2014 after Tullow Oil Company through its social investment projects focused on the sector, which has been underdeveloped for many years.

Lokiriama primary school pupils entertain guests during the school’s girls dormitory construction fundraising presided by Baringo Senator Gideon Moi in Lorengippi in August 2014

Lokiriama primary school pupils entertain guests during the school’s girls dormitory construction fundraising presided by Baringo Senator Gideon
Moi in Lorengippi in August 2014


Apart from the education sector, health, water, agriculture, infrastructure and trade sectors equally benefited. Last year, Tullow Kenya committed Kshs. 400 million across its operational areas towards social investment projects.
Some of the notable education projects included the construction of a Kshs. 3 million girls dormitory at Nachukui primary school in Turkana north subcounty. The company also spent Kshs. 2.4 million in installing solar powered lighting systems for classrooms, dormitories, a laboratory and administration offices at Kerio boys’ secondary school in Turkana central sub-county.
Through the Turkana education programme, the company invested Kshs. 30 million in providing bursaries to more than 3,000 secondary school students from the county and more so, it spent Kshs. 16 million in providing full secondary school scholarships to 55 bright and needy students from the county.
The company also awarded 15 Masters’ degree scholarships worth Kshs. 75 million to scholars from the county as part of the company’s annual Tullow group scholarship scheme (TGSS)
Speaking to the Turkana Guardian at Kataboi, Turkana north sub-county
advisory committee chairperson, Peter Napak said the education sector has received immense support from the company through provision of bursary funds and setting up of structures in schools.

“The company agreed to give us Sh.3 million as bursary funds which we distributed to all centres within Turkana north and in the next disbursement of those funds we negotiated and they increased the amount to Sh. 5 million for both secondary and tertiary education and we distribute this money according to the demands of the six wards we have here,” said Mr. Napak.

“Boys and girls who attain more than 350 and 300 marks respectively in their K.C.P.E exams are awarded scholarships
whereby everything is provided for by the company. The construction of a dormitory at Kataboi girls’ secondary school was earlier commissioned and it was eagerly awaited because the girls used to sleep in the dining hall,” he added.
Tullow public affairs officer, Jackson Nakusa told the Turkana Guardian that the sector is among those greatly benefiting as the company is seeking to improve it. “We are giving bursaries, scholarships for those students going outside the country, full scholarships for both boys and girls who have completed primary education and performed well and we are also doing school structures like constructing dormitories, putting up fences in schools and also providing boarding children with beddings,” the officer said.
He also highlighted other upcoming projects in other sectors. “We are planning to do agriculture projects in Turkana south and some parts of Turkana east and the plan is already out so that will be happening soon. We are also doing three big dispensaries in Turkana central, south and east and those will help deal with health issues especially where people are residing as they follow Tullow activities,” Mr. Nakusa said.
The education sector is even going to be in a better position this year after the company in November last year announced that it will start offering vocational training scholarships, which will see more than 1,000 Kenyans get opportunities to pursue short term courses including welding and carpentry. The new courses will be offered as part of the extended Tullow group scholarship scheme targeting those who may have ambition to apply for the Tullow master’s degree scholarship.

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