Lobei residents search for water in killer wells

Each women want to fetch water for domestic use or when herders are forced to line up from the bottom of the well to the top so that they can pass water containers from one person toanother. LOBEI/KOTARUK, LOIMA SUB-COUNTY Lobei/Kotaruk ward is part of the large Loima sub-county in Turkana County. This region is blessed with fresh pasture for livestock, serving Turkana north and south sub-counties and other areas like Napeililim,Lomeyen and Nakoriek. However, water remains scarce with residents and livestock herders being compelled to dig their own traditionalRead More

Tullow invests hugely on education in Turkana

Tullow invests hugely on education in Turkana The education sector in Turkana received a huge boost in 2014 after Tullow Oil Company through its social investment projects focused on the sector, which has been underdeveloped for many years. BY ROBERT KARIUKI LODWAR, TURKANA CENTRAL Apart from the education sector, health, water, agriculture, infrastructure and trade sectors equally benefited. Last year, Tullow Kenya committed Kshs. 400 million across its operational areas towards social investment projects. Some of the notable education projects included the construction of a Kshs. 3 million girls dormitoryRead More