Lodwar county referral hospital acquires laundry machines to boost hygiene

health executive jane ajele closes the dryer machine as lodwar med sup dr. Gilchrist Lokoel looks on PHOTO: ROBERT KARIUKI BY ROBERT KARIUKI LODWAR, TURKANA SOUTH Hygiene at the Lodwar county referral hospital is set to improve after the launch of three laundry machines, including a washing machine, a dryer and an ironer. The machines which were launched by county health and sanitation executive Jane Ajele earlier this month will be used to clean clothes, beddings and official garments used by patients and the hospital staff. The machines were procuredRead More

Drugs expected to reduce death in remote areas

Turkana is prone to snake bites especially the puff adders and some green and black mambas. So we have anti snake venoms going all the way to our lower end facilities and those are community based dispensaries so that we don’t lose lives because of snake bites,   A Ksh. 10 million drugs consignment is expected to reduce the rate of deaths arising from snake and dog bites and Kalazar in remote and inaccessible areas of the county. Deaths resulting from snake and dog bites have been on the riseRead More

Lobei residents search for water in killer wells

Each women want to fetch water for domestic use or when herders are forced to line up from the bottom of the well to the top so that they can pass water containers from one person toanother. LOBEI/KOTARUK, LOIMA SUB-COUNTY Lobei/Kotaruk ward is part of the large Loima sub-county in Turkana County. This region is blessed with fresh pasture for livestock, serving Turkana north and south sub-counties and other areas like Napeililim,Lomeyen and Nakoriek. However, water remains scarce with residents and livestock herders being compelled to dig their own traditionalRead More

Insecurity affects Kainuk

BY ROBERT KARIUKI Kainuk trading centre and its outskirts have become dangerous places to live in. More worrying is that insecurity is scaring away potential investors in the area. Kainuk trading centre is the gateway to Turkana County and is recognized by visitors and tourists. Ng’irong’otuk village on the outskirts of Kainuk, Lobokat ward, has existed since time in memorial. But the village population today is lower than the population during the 1990’s and early 2000s. This reduction in population is partly attributed to violent deaths blamed on insecurity. Today,Read More

Pictorial Febrary – March

Convoy system introduced on Kitale-Lodwar road

Convoy system introduced on Kitale-Lodwar road A convoy system has been introduced on Kitale-Lodwar highway following spates of attacks by suspected Pokot bandits. BY ROBERT KARIUKI KAINUK, TURKANA SOUTH A convoy system has been introduced on Kitale-Lodwar highway following spates of attacks by suspected Pokot bandits. Under the convoy system both public and private vehicles plying this route have to be escorted by security personnel. The bandits have been targeting passengers and commercial vehicles using the highway attacking them and even in most circumstances killing people and looting goods. AreasRead More