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Invest in agricultural technology to save the North

BY LUCIA EPUR LEBASHA Drylands are a major call in most parts of the continent. Closer to home, Kenya; I am referring to the north .The larger part of the great rift, mostly occupied by the pastoral communities, mainly the Nilotic and Cushite groups. These are regions affected by droughts and receive the lowest amount of rain compared to other parts of the country. This is largely affecting livelihood in many ways. For this case, I am focusing on agriculture. In every region of the world it is necessary toRead More

Museveni orders UPDF to shoot armed Turkana, Pokot

He said the Uganda government spent time pacifying Karamoja region and nobody should interfere with the prevailing peace in the region. Museveni said when Uganda government launched the disarmament exercise in Karamoja it made several calls for Kenya to join. He said if Kenya has not disarmed its pastoralists, Uganda will not waste time with pastoralists crossing into Uganda with guns. “The Turkana and the Pokot pastoralists can graze their livestock in Uganda as long as they don’t have guns but if they cross with guns, Uganda will not wasteRead More