Primary school receives learning materials

Lokipetot Areng’an pupils benefit with learning materials from Donate-A-Book Kenya after the media highlighted their plight in July. PHOTO: ROBERT KARIUKI

Lokipetot Areng’an pupils benefit with learning materials from Donate-A-Book Kenya after the media highlighted their plight in July.

Lokipetot Areng’an Primary School in Loima sub-county received learning materials from Donate a book Kenya, a charitable organization based in Nairobi. The school, which was highlighted in July after it was found out that the area chief and a 75 year-old man were taking responsibility of teaching because the school had no teachers forcing TSC Director to deploy three teachers.

Understaffing was not the only challenge that has been affecting the school as it was also noted that lack of learning materials and class structures were dragging behind the education sector in the sub-county.
Speaking during the handing over of the books Donate-a-Book Kenya, Managing Director, Kome Kimonye said they were touched by the news that showed the pupils writing on the ground due to lack of books and pencils. He said it was hard for pupils to compete with others who have better facilities. “On this issue, what touched us mostly is when we saw the pupils writing on the sand, and we asked ourselves how then do they do their revision after normal classes? As much as they do not have text books they need access to basic materials like exercise books, pencils, rubbers and any other stationery,” said Kimonye.
The organization donated books, pencils and rubbers to the 200 pupils and they promised to be back next year to supply
more stationery as they plan to construct a community library in Turkana County and 10 other counties.
Speaking when receiving the books, Jackson Lowoi, Member of the County Assembly for Loima Ward on behalf of Hon. Protus Akuja, M.P. Loima constituency and Hon. David Ateyo, Member of County Assembly for Kotaruk-Lobei ward, appreciated the donors for the support and said that the county government is ready to welcome all development partners who want to change the face of Turkana County.

“I would like to appreciate and thank Donate-a-Book Kenya for their initiative of supplying writing materials to the pupils
who have been taking lessons from the ground. We want to urge the government to come in and make sure schools like this are considered because education has not been devolved, however, the county government can assist where necessary,”  he said. He

added the government should devise strategies to ensure funds are available for building and improving school facilities such as classrooms, latrines and staffrooms.
The M.C.A was accompanied by Juliet Ajele, quality assurance officer in Loima district, Loima sub-county administrator Titus Ekiru and Sylvester Lolele, the area chief. Ajele thanked the organization saying they had come at the right time because the school has not been receiving funds from the ministry of education. “We thank Donate-a-Book Kenya and in fact they have come at the right time since this school has not been getting funds from the ministry. The parents to these pupils are very poor hence they cannot afford to buy books for their children and as we all know it is through education that a child will benefit and later assist the community,”
said Ajele.

Mr. Kome Kimonye, Managing Director, Donate-A-Book Kenya M.D distributes learning materials to Lokipetot Areng’an pupils in Loima Sub-County. PHOTO: ROBERT KARIUKI

The organization targets to help the country end the book famine complimenting the efforts of the government in making
sure that reading and writing materials are available and easily accessible to all children in the country regardless of where they come from.

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