Peace missions deserve more support from all

peace_building_featuredThe recent peace mission to Uganda by Kenyan delegation from Turkana County Government led by Governor Josphat Nanok is higly commendable. The efforts by the leaders will have major positive implication for the Turkana people in particular. This shows that the leadership has its priorities right and that they know what is constantly threatening the wellbeing of the ordinary people, especially those living along the vast borders with several neighbouring countries. It is equally notable and commendable that the Uganda government showed unlimited and genuine willingness to show the people of Turkana and Kenya at large, that the top leadership in Uganda, including President Yoweri Museveni, are keen to ensure that Turkanas undertake its development activities in a peaceful environment. The County, more than any other in Kenya, seems to suffer from endless conflicts mostly brought about by external groups especially those linked to cattle rustling. As it was clearly reflected by the recovery of 3,041 livestock that had been confiscated by the Uganda People Defense Forces (UPDF), such unique, local-grown peace initiatives should be supported by all of us and encouraged in all areas facing conflicts in Kenya.

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