Over 5,000 Ateker people to attend Moruanayece peace accord

Ateker people celebrate during the Lokiriama peace accord. PHOTOS: GREG AKALL

Over 5,000 Ateker people to attend Moruanayece peace accord

The Ateker cluster compris-
ing Turkana, Karimojong, Iteso,
Nyagatom, and the Toposa will on
21st of December gather in Kotido
District in Karamoja sub-region to
celebrate Moruanayece peace accord.
The celebrations planned to last for
three days starting Friday 19th-22nd
December 2014 will attract more than
5,000 people and it will be in line
with the command of the great Grand
Mother (Nayece).
The purpose of the celebrations is
aimed at addressing issues related
to peaceful co-existence among the
pastoralist communities and also pro-
moting trade among the Karamoja
cluster in order to provide large mar-
ket for the goods with high bargaining
Who is mother Nayece?
Nayece was a woman who was
born in Jie and their village was
located around the present Lookorok
Parish in Nakapelimoru Sub-County –
Kotido District, Uganda. It is told that
The story is told of Nayece

settled in the caves (Aturkan)
in Turkana land and hence the

(Aturkan) in Turkana land and hence
the people and the land became known
as Turkana. Since Nayece came from
Jie, the Turkana people regard Jie as
(Amuro ka

Ata), which literally trans-
lates as the thigh of the Grandmother
or the pillar of the Grandmother.
There is a belief that before Mother
Nayece passed on, she had decreed
that there be no any conflict between
the Turkana and Jie, warning that
incase it occurred, the two groups
should always come to her graveside
to perform the ceremony of forgive-
ness using the formula that is known
by the elders of the two communi-
ties. It is not when such a ceremony
took place, The Moruanayece.
The Turkana Guardian learnt that
this will be the second celebration
after the two communities, the Jie
of Kotido, Uganda and the Turkana
of Kenya held the first celebrations
in 2010

Where is Moruanayece?
Moruanayece is located in Letea
location in Oropoi Division of the
present Turkana West Sub-County. It
is about 45 kilometers from Kakuma
via Letea.
The place is not easily accessible
through Nakitongo on the Ugandan
side of the border. It can only be
reached by road from Kakuma on the
Kakuma-Letea-Lokipoto road.
The name Moruanayece literally
means the hill of Nayece. The round
hill is short conical in shape, covered
by rich volcanic soil with shrub veg-
etation cover of acacia Senegal. It is
on the western banks of river Tarach
overlooking Lochor-Angisikiria.
Moruanayece hill is 4-5 km from
the bushy belts of Tarach River.
This is where Mother Nayece lived
many years ago. It is the spot where
her remains were buried. This has
become a peace making ground for
the entire Ateker. Both communities
of Turkana and Jie regard Nayece as
the common Grandmother.
According to the organizers of the
function, participants from distant
places will arrive in the evening of
Friday 19th while the rest of partici-
pants will arrive on Saturday 20th.

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