Nyumba Kumi might be a solution to insecurity in Katilu Ward


Nyumba Kumi

Insecurity is rising in Turkana especially in Lokapel region, involving cases of killings, robbery, and rape. This prompted area Chief Allan Lokeun to create awareness about the Nyumba Kumi initiative at a recent afforestation baraza held in Lokapel village. Nyumba Kumi is community policing approach being pushed by the Government to curb insecurity. Speaking at the event, Bernard Lennon, the Katilu Ward Administrator, said the programme, which involves one knowing at least 10 of his/her immediate neighbours, would help in revealing the number of illegal guns in households. It would also assist in exposing criminals, leading to their arrest. He urged residents to solve conflict by forwarding cases to the chief’s office “instead of taking the law into your own hands and hurting or killing your fellow
brother.” Chief Lokeun said a serious disarmament exercise should be conducted to address illegal possession of guns. “These men with guns have been threatening farmers, raping women and injuring many residents. Most of the villagers have insufficient information about law and governance, which has led to some taking their own action without reporting to the government representatives or village elders,”
said Lokeun. Lokeun added that the Government of Kenya had asked individuals with illegal guns to voluntarily hand them over before the law takes its course. He warned residents against shedding of innocent blood so that people would continue living in their villages and stop migrating to other places thus disrupting farming activities. Ward administrator, Lennon, initiated the spirit of harambee (pulling together), urging farmers to form groups to collectively cultivate their farms since the region has no tractors. He said working together will uplift the spirit of weak and aging farmers in the region. Lennon encouraged the youth to form and register groups in order to access loans for business.

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