Nadome massacre angers Turkana Governor

The Turkana County Governor Josphat Nanok says he is tired of the helplessness that his people have sunk to in regards to insecurity. He says that the recent slaughter of 60 men, women and children in the Nadome left him paralysed.

The governor is appalled by the unacceptable laxity with which the national government is handling insecurity and conflict issues in Turkana, West Pokot and Baringo counties.

“I am still in shock and utter disbelief of the massacre that has left more than 60 people dead in Nadome in Turkana. I want to condemn in the strongest terms possible the massacre and at the same time send my condolences to the bereaved families,” said the governor.

Mr. Nanok added: “I am one Governor who has been shouting the loudest on the issue of insecurity but my plea has always fallen on deaf ears. It’s quite unfortunate that the government has had to wait until a massacre of this magnitude happened, to act.”

According to the Governor since the massacre happened, he has never said a single word to Kenyans adding that he was still wondering how my words can help.

“I have uttered many words on the killing of my people all in vain. I am ignored by the national government, which is in charge of security. I still believe that if this government listened to my pleas and the community’s cry, lives even those of children and women would not have been lost,” says Nanok.

The governor pointed out that he has previously and continuously through key players like the church tried to reach out to the neighbours both in West Pokot and Baringo, but his efforts have been futile. His neighbours, he says are not ready for peace.

The attacks on Turkana have since intensified and now they have culminated into a massacre. He appeals to all leaders from various pastoralist communities to offer constructive leadership to their people: “I urge them to speak to their communities to embrace peace because this is the only way the pastoral communities can benefit fully from devolution,” he said.

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