Moroto imposes evening ban on government vehicles

Moroto Municipal Council has banned the use of government vehicles after 5pm.

The council says that the ban on vehicles attached to it will help in saving resources wasted on misuse, mismanagement and abuse of vehicles. The resolution on the movement ban was reached during a full council meeting in order to control unnecessary expenditure on fuel and repairs of government cars.

The council also ordered for the arrest of strangers found driving or using vehicles belonging to the municipality.

Mohamed Hassan the councillor representing South division says Moroto Municipal Council has lost many motorcycles and vehicles to reckless drivers who are not employed by the council. Says Hassan: “As we speak, Moroto Municipal council has only one lorry on road. Many other vehicles have broken down. Some are spoiled by officers who drive vehicles past 5pm while drank,’

The meeting resolved that only the Town Clerk and the Mayor would be allowed to use municipal vehicles after working hours.

Grace Adyaka the women representative said all the Municipal council vehicles must be parked at the Municipal yard by 5pm and keys handed to the office of the Municipal Engineer.

Akuma Muzamin the town clerk welcomed the move by the council.

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