More Gen. Sumbeiywos’ needed to mediate increasing local conflicts

Maj General (Rtd) Joseph Nkaissery’s non-partisan and sober perspective is free advice to the government. The government must heed this well-considered military general’s guidance if it is to contain the insecurity menace in Northern Kenya.


If the government is committed to end conflict and security challenges of Northern Kenya, more experienced security minds, and focused leaders like Nkaissery could be appointed to lead conflict resolution efforts of the pastoralists conflict with sternness and impartiality to address all pre-existing issues.

Kenya must realize from the great role General Sumbeiywo has done as a negotiator for peace in the international circles, that the many retired military officers who have operated everywhere in Kenya, and possess vast understanding of the terrain, cultural diversity and the root causes of varying conflicts in Kenya, could be very useful resources for conflict and security risks management for conflict-ridden counties of Kenya.
Let’s use our retired military generals of the calibre of Lieutenant General (Rtd) Lazarus Sumbeywo, and Maj General (Rtd) Nkaissery who are senior citizens and patriots, to resolve the conflicts in different corners of our country, they would make a difference given that they understand the intricacies behind the conflict and insecurity of our troubled counties. Ole Kaparo, the former National Assembly Speaker and the current chair of National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) now operating as alone ranger as a senior and national figure in the resolution of the Mandera communal armed conflict, could consult with the president and work out a feasible of system to coopt into the commission suitable retired generals and officers capable of midwifing peace and security for troubled Kenya.
Such senior citizens and national figure leaders are ideally patriots with recognition from the state with commendations such as Chief of the Order of the Burning Spear (CBS); Elder of the Order of the Burning Spear (E.B.S.); Moran of the Order of the Burning Spear (M.B.S.)
among others, besides possessing clear interests and objectives for national secu- rity that will motivate them to mediate and negotiate for peace amongst local inter-community intra-state conflicts to reduce violence associated with counter-productive, negative ethnicity and practices such as banditry, cattle rustling and clan-based hostilities.
Majority of these useful human resources in their sunset year are patriots who have served this country in diligence and would therefore welcome the challenge to work with conflict communities to add value in the efforts of alleviating conflict and security risks for the good of the country.

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