KCPE star inmate calls for education of girl child

Mcyoghurn Ekiru the top candidate at Lodwar GK Prison

KCPE star inmate calls for education of girl child

An inmate at Lodwar GK prison, who emerged as the star performer in the last Kenya Certificate of Primary education examinations, has called for education of the girl child. Mcyoghurn Ekiru Eregai, is currently serving his sentence at the Lodwar GK prison for theft.

The Form 3 drop out was locked up after he was found in possession of stolen goods. Before being jailed, Ekiru had dropped out of Lodwar High School in 2009 after impregnating a student of Our lady’s secondary school Kakuma.
Ekiru sat for his first KCPE exam in 2006 at Napuu primary school and passed with 383 marks. The performance saw him join Lodwar high
school, a provincial school in 2007, but he was later expelled. After a four-year break from education, Ekiru decided to study again and registered last year as a candidate at the Lodwar GK prison.
Ekiru performed well scoring 345 marks. He scored an impressive 82 in English. He attributes his performance to frequent revision of past test papers.
However, he says lack of revision text books in the library is becoming a concern. “I have been to school before and I dropped out at in Form 3 so I can attribute my performance to the general knowledge I had acquired before and also frequent revision of past examinations papers. Revision of past papers wasn’t my option but I was forced to use them because this facility doesn’t hold any text books which I can use in
my revision,” said Ekiru.

Turkana girls should be educated

Having gone through a tough journey since he lost both parents, being expelled from Lodwar high school,getting involved in criminal activities
and finally ending up in prison, Ekiru still feels he is more privileged than his two young sisters who got married.
The sisters didn’t have a chance to go to school because the community believes girls are to be married and not educated, a belief, which Ekiru says, undermines the girl child.
“I just heard that Turkana County didn’t perform well this time round and this is because they are not educating the girl child so I am pleading with the community to take more girls to school than boys just like other counties which are performing well are doing.” Ekiru who wants to become a lawyer says if Turkana community starts educating the girl child, there will be better performance in the next few years.

The law and creative dreams
Ekiru is not only a performer when it comes to education but also a great entertainer. The fact that he is behind bars does not stop him from aiming at achieving his dreams of becoming a lawyer and a musician.

Mcyoghurn Ekiru the top candidate at Lodwar GK Prison

Mcyoghurn Ekiru the top candidate at Lodwar GK Prison. PHOTO: ROBERT KARIUKI

Ekiru is not only obsessed with understanding the law but also writing lyrics, singing and drawing. He is putting to use his creative dreams and using them to pass a strong message to the society but the main challenge he is facing is limited freedom in prison.
On October 30 last year, he launched his own album under Turk tribe label but he wasn’t able to perform outside the prison facility because of the tight regulations, which limit his movement.
Ekiru also involves himself in drawing, which he says he uses to express himself and pass a certain message. “I also draw and in here I usually draw prison officers and wardens in a comical way to pass a message so that they can change, if something has gone wrong somewhere,” he said.
Besides having creative dreams, Ekiru wants to become a lawyer and he plans to use his law knowledge to provide justice to those oppressed and make them understand their rights and freedoms.

“I want to become a lawyer because I have observed that if you don’t understand the law then you will always be on the dark side of it. The laws in Kenya are very strict right now and if you not careful, you might end up in prison. I have also noticed that many people ended up in this place because they don’t know if what they committed was a mistake and didn’t know how to defend themselves in court,”said Ekiru

He hopes to use his dreams to change the community for the better.
He will be completing his sentence on June 12, this year and hopes to continue with his studies.

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