Japanese Grant to Save Girls

Japanese Grant to Save Girls

Japanese Grant to Save GirlsBy Melisa Maimuna
An 8 million shillings grant by the Japanese Government has placed a smile on the faces of girls studying at St. Bakita Nagis Primary School.
Many of these girls have endured long, dangerous walks to the school along routes infested with wild animals and male attackers.
The Japanese Ambassador to Kenya Tatsushi Terada told a groundbreaking ceremony that the project was selected out of more than 440 applications, received in 2014. The competitive grant named Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Project (GGP) is expected to create conducive learning environment for the pupils in order to enable them improve academic performance.
“I understand pupils walk for long distance to school and are under risk of being attacked by wild animals and female pupils sometimes face threats of being harassed by ill- intentioned men. The meaning of our assistance is more than just improving their learning environment; it assists to prevent them from danger,” he said.

The project received a grant amounting to USD 88,361 (approximately ksh 8m) for construction of two classrooms, two dormitories, two toilet blocks for pupils and one block for teachers with the aim of improving the schools educational environment from Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Project (GGP), this was the first project in Turkana since 2008.

Governor Josphat Nanok thanked the Government of Japan for a rare gift:

The best and most lasting gift for a Turkana child remains education because any hand out will soon get over and they will be back knocking your door for assistance. On behalf of Turkana people I really appreciate the government of Japan for their helping hand.

said Nanok
The ambassador urged teachers to put more effort in protecting the pupils and give them full support to help develop their own abilities and talents to ensure bright future.

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