Insecurity blamed on lack of KPR in Napeitom

KPR provides security during a public meeting in Lorengippi, Loima Sub-County

An unspecified number of livestock and several people have been killed in Napeitom village. Many raids in the area have impacted negatively on the living standards of the locals for the last two years, according to Ewalan Illikwel, an elder in the area.

“Our problem is the Pokots who launch raids weekly on us. Our animals, which are a source of livelihood have been killed by our neighbouring community. People now live in confined camps where they are housed in fences,”
Ewalam said Currently, the population has reduced from 6,305 to 330 people due to insecurity. People have fled the area for lack of transport. Ewalan added, “The only food we get comes from the county government in Lodwar. We don’t have shops. Sometimes we get relief food from the commissioner’s office, which is not sufficient. We know who is mchokozi (troublesome).
Turkanas are nowadays reluctant on issues on cattle rustling. He urged the government to continue the operation to flush out bandits who have been an impediment to our development. He also talked on the killings of 23 security officers by the Pokot bandits at Kaimosing, and asked Government to act to recover the stolen arms.
“As leaders of the area, guns owned by the locals is what retards development,poverty levels go up, animals are lost. I request the government to put security in Napeitom and Lomelo,” he said.

He requested Government to give one vehicle to the area to assist in transporting people and goods from Lokori. He cited the issue of insecurity has been complicated by resources available in the area, water, grass, a grazing field and double administration units in the area.

KPR provide security during a public meeting in Lorengippi, Loima sub-county. PHOTO: GREG AKALL

KPR provide security during a public meeting in Lorengippi, Loima sub-county. PHOTO: GREG AKALL

Didymus Chegem, Member of County Assembly for Kapedo/Napeitom pointed out that insecurity had worsened.
Turkana had a lot of animals but the neighbouring community has taken them away and sporadic killings have left people poor. He urged Government to treat Turkana community like other Kenyans by deploying security. He cited the deplorable security, pointing out the number of KPR as four but at the moment only two are present while the number of administration police posted here as 10 but now only two are present. They said the area can only develop if Government addresses security concerns. He reminded the government to offer support to officers posted to the area by providing vehicles.

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