Dr Leakey to set up a museum in Turkana


richard_leakeyThe world-renowned archeologist and director of the Turkana Basin Institute plans to construct a large museum of its kind in Turkana to help in marketing of the county’s archeological artifacts and to be used for research studies.

The Turkana Basin Institute is planning to construct the largest museum in the world in Turkana County that will help in marketing of its archeological artefacts, the world-renowned archeologist and the director for the institute Dr Richard Leakey has said. Dr Leakey who was addressing the public during the Turkana Tourism and Cultural event in Lodwar town recently, said that his institute would set up the museum that will be a monument that will be modern in the county. The museum which is intended to keep the oldest artifacts will be of its own kind Dr Leakey to set up a museum in Turkana
in this region and will be used for research studies and marketing of the Turkana culture. The director said that they are in consultation with the national government, so that the Turkana boy bone will be returned back to the county immediately the construction will be over.

Cradle of Mankind

The museum also will be keeping the oldest bone of the biggest dinosaurs in the word and the oldest elephant in the world that once lived in Turkana County. “I have been in this county for the past 48 years and have been carrying research in the country and worldwide and it has shown that the oldest human being who lived 70 million years ago lived in Turkana County in a place called Nariokotome and we have all the proves that our land is the original home of all human beings. Now, we need to embrace our culture and bring this to reality that Turkana County is a cradle of mankind. As partners of development, the Turkana Basin Institute is ready to start the construction of a modern and the largest museum in the world in Turkana County. This will help us promote our culture,” Dr. Leakey said. The Turkana Basin Institute has been pioneering research all over the world specializing in archeology that has been behind the discovery of many artifacts and still carrying on. With the celebration of Turkana cultural event, the county government has promised to have the event run annually to help the Turkana culture grow. Dr Leakey said that they have signed a memorandum of understanding with Tullow oil to help in the construction, which is set to start soon. He admitted that the project will cost millions of shillings and might take some years in its construction. “We are in agreement with Tullow oil on the construction of the museum and will be funding us in putting this up. This will be the biggest museum in the world that we intend to have the bones of the oldest and the biggest dinosaurs in the world. I believe this will help our brothers and sisters who have gone to foreign lands to come back and see how their ancestral home looks like.

Large oil deposits

Through this we believe that the economy of our county will be improved since we shall be getting very many visitor coming in and explore our heritage. For the last 48 years that I have been in this county, I have learnt that this is one of the richest lands I have ever seen in this region, so we need to embrace and keep our culture and make sure we venture more” he said. However, he called for youth to study hard especially in archeology, oil and gas so as to earn good jobs in the near future in this region. The county recently has been discovered to be very rich in underground deposits including water; oil, gas and other minerals. Large deposit of oil and gas has been discovered in the south and large deposits of water in the north. This was the first historical cultural event to be held in Turkana County since independence that brought together national and international leaders and visitors across Africa.

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