Bishop calls of unity and peace

Bishop Dominic Kimeng'ich has urged leaders from Turkana and Pokot counties to put aside their differences and embark on making peace agendaLODWAR, TURKANA CENTRAL
The Bishop of Lodwar Catholic Diocese, Dominic Kimeng’ich has appealed to leaders in Turkana, West Pokot and Baringo counties to cultivate peace and harmony among their communities.

The cleric told followers of Jesus Christ that enough blood had been shed due to communal hatred and fighting. His message of peace was delivered on Good Friday to mark the end of the tradition Christian Lent season, which culminates with Easter Monday.

Bishop Kimeng’ich said it behoves leaders to find lasting solutions to insecurity, which has wrought havoc in the region, resulting in death, destruction and loss of property.

“Sometimes I really wonder what is wrong with us, what is wrong is with our politicians and security forces. Can’t we put our acts together and address insecurity with the seriousness it deserves? How can we just look on as our people suffer day in day out. Can’t we sit and talk about this?” pleaded the Bishop.

He added, “I feel that we have not done enough as we celebrate Easter, we have really not done enough to embrace the resurrection of Christ. Easter means overcoming death and all the deadly things that are surrounding us and we have to make that effort so that our people can truly celebrate when there is peace, reconciliation and that sense of being together.”

During the Easter weekend, the Al shabab militants attacked Garissa University College, killing 147 people. Bishop Kimeng’ich said terrorist attacks would be well handled if unity prevailed.

“We know some things are external like terrorism but if we were more united as Kenyans I think we could be able to handle these things better,” said the prelate.

The bishop challenged political and religious leaders to emulate Jesus Christ and place the interest of citizens above their self-interests.
“The leadership of Jesus Christ was about being a servant, giving your life for the people. But the leadership demonstrated currently, is it really for the people or it is about us? Easter is a time to challenge our leaders to follow the example of Jesus Christ who gave his life for his sheep,” he said.

He added that the leaders in the region should demonstrate that they are ready to die for their subjects by finding peace and ensure people co-exist harmoniously.

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