Bane of absenteeism

Residents of Moroto district have hailed the Chief Administrative Officer Robert Mulondo for implementing measures that have reduced absenteeism at government offices by public servants.

Mulondo organized a community accountability meeting in Tapac Sub County in Moroto district to the excitement of the resident.

John Lote, one of the residents of Tapac sub-county said in the past, civil servants working in Tapac sub-County operated by remote, and lived in Moroto town. But today, they reside at the sub-county premises.

Lote said Moroto was one of the districts with rampant absenteeism especially by teachers and the health workers. However, since Mulondo arrived, absenteeism has reduced.

Lote attributed the development to impromptu inspections of government offices by the new Chief Administrative Officer.

Grace Nakut another resident of Moroto town said at the district the officials report for work by 8am and leave office by 5pm.

The deputy resident district commissioner Helen Pulkol advised the residents to also monitor performance of government projects in the villages.

“You’re the ones to inform us of any government projects that are poorly done so that we can take action,” she says.

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