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Nadome massacre angers Turkana Governor

LODWAR, TURKANA CENTRAL The Turkana County Governor Josphat Nanok says he is tired of the helplessness that his people have sunk to in regards to insecurity. He says that the recent slaughter of 60 men, women and children in the Nadome left him paralysed. The governor is appalled by the unacceptable laxity with which the national government is handling insecurity and conflict issues in Turkana, West Pokot and Baringo counties. “I am still in shock and utter disbelief of the massacre that has left more than 60 people dead in NadomeRead More

Ethnic clashes in Kenya threaten Karamojong peace

Ethnic clashes in Kenya threaten Turkana peace ambassador Immanuel Imana shakes hands with President MuseveniKaramojong peace

By Steven Ariong MOROTO, UGANDA Ugandan military leadership is worried that persistent ethnic clashes between the Turkana and Pokot communities in Kenya are a threat to peace in Karamoja region. Many families fleeing from the raids and killings in Kenya have sought refuge in Karamoja. Captain Jimmy Omara, the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) 3rd Division spokesperson says that following the cross border clashes, illegal firearms have entered into the Karamoja region. He says that although the number of guns in Karamojong hands had declined in recent years, the UPDF hasRead More

Students Suffer Double Punishment

MATANY, NAPAK DISTRICT When the girls joined Kangole Girls Secondary School they had only one major goal on their mind; to study and excel in their education. They were not prepared for the bizarre happenings that awaited them. Lo and behold, some of their male teachers who are charged with the responsibility of protecting and guiding them, have turned into their worst nightmare. Whenever darkness descends upon this school situated in Napak District in Uganda, fear grips the girls. They live through the night terrified by the likelihood of beingRead More

A life of blood, pain and regret

MOROTO, UGANDA Paul Lotukei, 28, is a man whose young life has known only blood, pain and regret. He spent his younger life stealing cows and killings for a living. Then in 1998, this resident of Nakambi Village, Moroto district of Uganda fell into the arms of the army. His killings techniques and ruthlessness earned him a place on the list of the Uganda Defence Forces most wanted list. He was beaten and tortured when the army eventually arrested him. Having lost his gun and ability to live violently, Lotukei’sRead More

Disabled by Painful Customary Practice of FGM

Tears flow down her wrinkled face as she recalls the slow, painful death of her three sisters’ decades ago. Paralyzed and destitute, she curses the cruelty of an age-old custom that condemned her to a wheelchair while stealing her siblings. 54-year-old Judith Yamangusho knows she is lucky to be alive. She remembers the dreadful moment, 34 years ago, when she and her three sisters were led out of their home and subjected to the torturous female genital mutilation (FGM) exercise. They endured debilitating pain and deadly infections. Her sisters succumbedRead More

Shun ‘Bleached Girls’ Warn Karimojong Elders

The narrative of skin colour and beauty has for centuries provided fodder for creative imagination, even giving storylines to music and movie industries. An entire negritude movement was born out of the self-consciousness of being black. It became a literary and ideological philosophy that celebrated blackness, African history, traditions and beliefs. In the 1920s and 30s, black students and scholars mainly from French colonies kicked off the dust that opposed Western domination of Africa. Francophone African intellectuals, writers and politicians coalesced around Martinican poet Aime Cesaire and Leopold Sedar SenghorRead More

Moroto imposes evening ban on government vehicles

MOROTO, UGANDA Moroto Municipal Council has banned the use of government vehicles after 5pm. The council says that the ban on vehicles attached to it will help in saving resources wasted on misuse, mismanagement and abuse of vehicles. The resolution on the movement ban was reached during a full council meeting in order to control unnecessary expenditure on fuel and repairs of government cars. The council also ordered for the arrest of strangers found driving or using vehicles belonging to the municipality. Mohamed Hassan the councillor representing South division saysRead More

Bane of absenteeism

MOROTO, UGANDA Residents of Moroto district have hailed the Chief Administrative Officer Robert Mulondo for implementing measures that have reduced absenteeism at government offices by public servants. Mulondo organized a community accountability meeting in Tapac Sub County in Moroto district to the excitement of the resident. John Lote, one of the residents of Tapac sub-county said in the past, civil servants working in Tapac sub-County operated by remote, and lived in Moroto town. But today, they reside at the sub-county premises. Lote said Moroto was one of the districts withRead More

Governor urges residents to know their HIV status

As the world marked AIDS day on December 1 and Kenya marked 30 years of the national response, residents of Turkana County were called upon by leaders to know their status and protect themselves. This follows reports of a big number of people living with the disease unknowingly. At the end of 2013, there were 44,736 people infected with HIV of which 13 per cent are children. The HIV prevalence among women in Turkana County is 10.8 per cent , which is higher than men of 6.5 per cent .Read More

Karamoja cattle branding Peace reduces theft

The Uganda government through the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) has set aside US$8.46 million (USh 2 billion) to carry out electronic cattle branding exercise in Karamoja region.   This was announced by Ketty Namero, the undersecretary in OPM recently during a one-day regional meeting on electronic cattle branding at Mt. Moroto hotel. In 2012, Government launched electronic cattle branding to get rid of cattle rustling in Karamoja. Namero noted that the government branded up to 80,000 cattle in the region during the first phase of electronic branding. TheRead More