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TSC and the Plight of Turkana Teachers

LODWAR, TURKANA CENTRAL Turkana County, which is known for its perennial drought and famine circles, constantly suffers another form of starvation; teacher shortage. It is this shortage of teachers caused by insecurity and a high attrition rate within the profession that the head of the Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC) has promised to address. Gabriel Longeiboni has pledged to look into the biting teacher shortage in Turkana County. The county is experiencing a shortage of more than 2,500 teachers, with a low teacher-student ratio. This is blamed on the high rateRead More

NGO donates to vulnerable pupils

LODWAR, TURKANA CENTRAL At least 36 needy pupils of Canaan Primary School have received school bags and uniforms from good Samaritans under the Nakwalele Development Organization (NADO). The pupils were identified by the community-based organization led by Sam Kimeli, the programme manager. He was accompanied by other officials who included Josephine Walela, a representative from the district education office. The team visited the school, which has a population of 700 pupils, mainly from needy rural families, orphans, including former street children. Many of the pupils lack basic items such asRead More

Turkana Leaders Should Embrace Peace

LODWAR, TURKANA CENTRAL Leaders in Turkana County need to work as a team in order to extricate their people from the vice of poverty and neglect. For years the leaders have indulged in perennial quarrels sometimes over mundane and petty issues. Recently, the Turkana Governor Josphat Nanok has been involved in a war of words with other leaders over allegations of corruption and impropriety. Nanok recently made what his supporters described as a triumphant entry into Lodwar town before addressing a public rally to deny claims of involvement in corruption.Read More

Women and Children Protest Killings

KAINUK, TURKANA SOUTH They sang, danced and chanted not in joy but in sorrow over the killings that had left them impoverished and stunted by fear. Hundreds of widows and orphans, braved the blazing Kainuk sun with twigs and leaves demonstrating against a spate of violence they had endured for far too long. They now seek protection and justice that had been promised them since the days of Biblical Moses. As they waved their placards with tearful messages to their leaders, they emphasized the fact that the Kenyan Constitution guaranteesRead More

Bishop calls of unity and peace

LODWAR, TURKANA CENTRAL The Bishop of Lodwar Catholic Diocese, Dominic Kimeng’ich has appealed to leaders in Turkana, West Pokot and Baringo counties to cultivate peace and harmony among their communities. The cleric told followers of Jesus Christ that enough blood had been shed due to communal hatred and fighting. His message of peace was delivered on Good Friday to mark the end of the tradition Christian Lent season, which culminates with Easter Monday. Bishop Kimeng’ich said it behoves leaders to find lasting solutions to insecurity, which has wrought havoc inRead More

Turkana County beefs up security

KAINUK, TURKANA SOUTH The Turkana County government has beefed up security to fight increasing violent crime and robbery. This follows growing violence in; Kakong, Loyapat, Lami nyeusi and Lochakula areas which officials fear could curtail development. Turkana Governor Josephat Nanok says that a closed-door security meeting with the county security committee, resolved to address the issue, which has resulted in the loss of lives and destruction of properties. Says Nanok: “We have agreed to work together so that we can protect pending county projects like the construction of the ksh100millionRead More

Adult education in need of support

LODWAR, TURKANA CENTRAL As an adult learner I come across a number of challenges though the common ones are parenting which takes most of my time and inadequate capital because as I attend my classes and I have no other activity that generates capital for me The adult education sector in Turkana County is now calling for the county government support and intervention considering that the sector has been marginalized for a long time now. Adult learners are facing a number of challenges with the major ones being lack ofRead More

Lap desks to curb inadequate resources in schools

LODWAR, TURKANA CENTRAL St. Patrick primary school in Kanamkemer ward, Lodwar town has benefited from 300 lap desks, which were donated by General Motors Company. The lap desks were imported from South Africa by the company and supplied to the school as a way to curb inadequate resources,affecting most schools in Turkana County and improve learning. St. Patrick primary school was identified because it is the most populated in Turkana central sub-county with an enrollment of more than 2,000 pupils and most learners sit and write on the floor dueRead More

Primary school receives learning materials

Lokipetot Areng’an Primary School in Loima sub-county received learning materials from Donate a book Kenya, a charitable organization based in Nairobi. The school, which was highlighted in July after it was found out that the area chief and a 75 year-old man were taking responsibility of teaching because the school had no teachers forcing TSC Director to deploy three teachers. LOKIPETOT ARENG’AN, LOIMA SUB-COUNTY Understaffing was not the only challenge that has been affecting the school as it was also noted that lack of learning materials and class structures wereRead More

Candidates skip Biology practical over lack of specimen

KAPEDO, TURKANA EAST SUB-COUNTY Kapedo Mixed Secondary School candidates skipped some biological practical questions due to lack of specimens following insecurity in the region. As candidates prepared to sit for their biology practical exam, the school principal, Daniel Namunwa was out of the school in search for specimens. On the eve of the practical exam day, he was from Chemolingot travelling in a G.S.U Toyota Land Cruiser, along with 7 soldiers and the biology teacher. However, they were unable to continue with the journey. At Chesitet, they were repulsed byRead More