Joshua Loyanae


The Ritual of Sisters

KAPEDO, TURKANA EAST The huge bull charged, its menacing head aimed at the intruders. It snorted, growled, huffed and puffed at the circle of men that had formed a ring around it. Soon, speared and wounded, it lay on the ground, its powerful muscles motionless. The young men who subdued the bull danced in celebration as they gave way to elders to begin the slaughtering process. Many were a time when people were injured, some fatally in their attempt to capture for slaughter bulls. Today was a special day inRead More

Insecurity blamed on lack of KPR in Napeitom

NAPEITOM, TURKANA EAST An unspecified number of livestock and several people have been killed in Napeitom village. Many raids in the area have impacted negatively on the living standards of the locals for the last two years, according to Ewalan Illikwel, an elder in the area. “Our problem is the Pokots who launch raids weekly on us. Our animals, which are a source of livelihood have been killed by our neighbouring community. People now live in confined camps where they are housed in fences,” Ewalam said Currently, the population hasRead More