Turkana’s Oldest Stone Artifacts Tell a New Tale

1-Harmand and Lewis looking at tools

By Gregory Akall and Caleb Atemi The rocks of Turkana have told many tales, some dating millions of years thus cementing the regions claim to be the cradle of mankind. Another rock, another tale and today Turkana’s pride as the original home of our foremost forefathers has stretched back in time by more than 700,000 years. An early morning walk by two archeologists and their team of stone-tool hunters on July 9 2011, pushed back the beginning of archaeological record by more than half a million years. Drs. Sonia HarmandRead More

Japanese Grant to Save Girls

Japanese Grant to Save Girls

By Melisa Maimuna NAGIS, LOIMA An 8 million shillings grant by the Japanese Government has placed a smile on the faces of girls studying at St. Bakita Nagis Primary School. Many of these girls have endured long, dangerous walks to the school along routes infested with wild animals and male attackers. The Japanese Ambassador to Kenya Tatsushi Terada told a groundbreaking ceremony that the project was selected out of more than 440 applications, received in 2014. The competitive grant named Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Project (GGP) is expectedRead More

Transparency Required of Extractive industries

STORY 25 PHOTO-Governor Josphat Nanok

A London conference recently called for transparency and accountability by multinational corporations involved in the extractive industry. Participants attending Chatham House Conference on extractive Industries said multinational companies in the extractive industries in Africa should disclose their contractual agreements to foster transparency. This debate was sparked off by a presentation on the emerging oil sector in Kenya by Governor Josphat Nanok of Turkana who spoke on the challenges facing the oil companies, the governments and the communities, in Turkana where oil exploration is taking place. ”The oil companies in KenyaRead More

Turkana must seek Transformation

Turkana County shares three key resources with the United Arab Emirates; sun, sand and sea. A more accurate description of the inland sea in Turkana County is the great pristine emerald jewel with untapped potential. Nestled in the northern reaches of the western arm of the Great Rift Valley, Lake Turkana is the world’s largest permanent desert lake and the world’s largest alkaline lake spanning a catchment area of 130,860 kilometres with a maximum length of 290 kilometres and a maximum width of 32 kilometres. The lake is a sharedRead More

A Karamoja hospital that saved warriors, soldiers

Matany Hospital is an institution that deserves special mention and recognition for its role in restoring peace in Karamoja region. In 2001, when the disarmament of cattle rustlers was underway, fighting broke out between Government troops and Karimojong warriors who wanted to cling to their weapons. Warriors and UPDF soldiers died in the ensuing fighting, with hundreds injured and rushed to Matany, which was the only hospital in the area. An average of 30 wounded Karimojong warriors and UPDF soldiers were taken to Matany by relatives on daily basis byRead More

Turkana to turn around Kenya tourism sector

Turkana to turn around Kenya tourism sector

  CEC for Tourism, Trade and Industry, Mr Linus Ebenyo talking to Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Tourism Phyllis Kandie at the Turkana County Stand in Berlin Travel Show. PHOTO: ROSEMARY NCHINYEI Turkana County could emerge as one of the biggest tourist attractions in Kenya with its unexploited cultures and being the origin of mankind. The fossil of the Turkana Boy that dates back to 1.6 million years has proven that this is the oldest remains of man in the world thereby making Turkana archeologically the origin of man.   TheRead More

Lodwar high are KCSE champions

Christopher Namoyo, 18-years old(in blue T-shirt), who scored a straight A of 84 points, celebrates with his Lodwar High School colleagues after the announcement of KCSE results on 3 March. PHOTO:

BY ROBERT KARIUKI LODWAR, TURKANA CENTRAL According to Lodwar high school principal Patrick Lokwayen, discipline, personal initiative and strong bond between teachers, students and the support staff contributed to the excellent performance “The results were better as compared to the previous year. This time we attained a mean score of 7.96 as compared to last year’s 7.5. We greatly attribute our success to hard work and discipline.” Lodwar high school has become the new academic giant in Turkana County according to the just released Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE)Read More

Pupils, parents protest over land grabbing

BY ROBERT KARIUKI LODWAR, TURKANA CENTRAL Land grabbing is back in the news again. This time is no different from past incidences where alleged land grabbers set up structures in a given piece of land without minding about the implications to the rest of the communities. From Lodwar mixed primary school playground to Nakwamekwi and Napetet markets and now AIC Nakuluja primary school, land grabbers are targeting learning institutions land.   But on March 2, AIC Nakuluja pupils along with their parents,teachers and the school committee demonstrated against an attemptedRead More

Turkana politicians use music, sports events to woo youth

BY KEVIN ANG’ELEI It is said that youth hold the key to the future of their country. This is what inspires politicians to do everything to earn youth support. Youth are energetic and eager for new things. That is why they keep urging for young blood because a young leader will more likely empathize with them. These sentiments have in turn made politicians have campaign strategies extending to as far as dyeing grey hair to appear youthful. What kills this off is when politicians sponsor entertainment events for this isRead More

Invest in agricultural technology to save the North

BY LUCIA EPUR LEBASHA Drylands are a major call in most parts of the continent. Closer to home, Kenya; I am referring to the north .The larger part of the great rift, mostly occupied by the pastoral communities, mainly the Nilotic and Cushite groups. These are regions affected by droughts and receive the lowest amount of rain compared to other parts of the country. This is largely affecting livelihood in many ways. For this case, I am focusing on agriculture. In every region of the world it is necessary toRead More