Arresting runaway insecurity in Turkana



The IG must plan NPR training on basic security elements, such as radio communication, patrolling, situation reporting, skills at arms, first aid, discipline, and code of conduct

The recent visit to Turkana by the Inspector General of Police and the announcement that there will be recruitment of an estimated 600 National Police Reservists (formerly KPRs) represented the national government’s recognition of the incessant insecurity in the county. If this can be realised, the killings at Kainuk, Loyapat, Nakwamoru, Kaputir, Nadome, etc will significantly drop. Lives that are lost under predictable raids will be saved. The bad statistics will come down a great deal. Security must be seen as counter-actions that are commensurate to the existing security risks. In Security risk management, one must first map out real measurable risks through security risk analysis. Much of this has already been done in the county. My view is that the following pertinent issues must be made to happen: The IG must be pressed to fast track the promised NPR recruitment and quickly commission NPRs border camps. The IG must plan NPR training on security basic elements, such as radio communication, basic patrolling, situation reporting, skills at arms, first aid, basic observation, discipline, code of conduct, leadership and administration. County security sheriffs must work out
a plan to centralise the management of the county border security information/ intelligence.

Border access roads

The county should pave a border access road, 10km from the border. The border access road should run as shown in the attached map. The border access road will allow NPR to carry out 24/7 overlapping border mobile patrols, whose benefits would include intelligence collection for the government, rapid short and sharp response to locations in distress, deter raids, efficient casualty evacuation of the kraals that happen to be raided unawares, ease of supplies, to mention but a few. The national and county governments should motivate the NPRs through monetary stipends (already promised). National and county government-supported NPR mobile border patrols backed
by radio communications and the confidence in inter-post rapid response at distress from one post to another would certainly stop the repetitive raids registered deeper into the county. Insecurity bedevilling Turkana is directly affecting both national and county governments’ programmes. Fixing it will require concerted efforts from the two in
systems and processes. If such a bold and concerted effort has resulted in many dividends along Todonyang-Kokuro-Kibish line, why not elsewhere?

Grazing fields

The two counties could work towards realising the concept of the attached graphical representation if the Turkana kraals, now pressed further and further North, are to ever regain the lost confidence of migrating to and from the border grazing fields.

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